The Seven Best Online Degrees For Remote Work Jobs

Published on: March 31, 2023

Not too long ago, the number of careers that could be done from the comfort of your own home was very limited, but thankfully modern technology has made a lot of jobs more accessible. As a result, not only are more people working from home, but they also have way more options regarding the type of careers they want. However, working remotely still requires the same skills and qualifications that would be needed for your chosen career. Fortunately, these skills and qualifications can also be obtained online through relevant degrees. Here are just a few of the best online degree options for students who are interested in working remotely from home.

Online Bachelor of Arts in English

An English major is helpful for any career as the skills it develops can be transferred to any job. However, those who want to pursue a degree online as writers can stand to benefit the most from this degree. Traditionally, writers used to work in print publications, but the shift to online media has opened up new avenues for employment. A Bachelor of Arts in English degree is the most versatile for freelancers. Still, aspiring writers can also pursue a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree if they want to work in the news industry. Both English and Journalism degrees can be earned entirely online.

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

A degree in software engineering can open up career paths in application development, software, and web deployment, database and systems administration, and much more. Online degrees in software engineering can teach students the fundamentals of coding, software program development, and other skills that are needed for the industry. In addition, jobs in this industry can be done remotely from home or on a freelance basis. 

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

While accounting is traditionally a career practiced at a brick-and-mortar workplace, many accountants also prefer to be self-employed and work from home. Completing an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree online can be the first step towards earning CPA certification. This type of degree can also be helpful for accounting-related jobs that can be done from home, such as bookkeeping, payroll accountant, property accountant, financial analysis, and more. 

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

These days it is common for entire businesses to operate remotely, and plenty of entrepreneurs have started their companies from home. An online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is an excellent option for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. This degree can teach students the basics of management strategies, ethical business practices, audience-communication tactics, and everything else that is needed to get ahead in the business world. A business degree often also offers the option to choose a concentration which is great for students who know which business area they would like to specialize in. 

Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing is a career field with plenty of high-paying jobs, and thanks to virtual work, many of them can be done from home. However, the marketing jobs with the highest earning potential tend to be at a managerial level, meaning a degree and some experience is necessary. Therefore, an online Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree is beneficial for multiple industries and suitable for diverse professional paths. In addition, it can open up doors to remote work positions, such as marketing manager, public relations manager, content marketing director, and much more.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design

Whether in web design, graphic design, illustration, or animation, there are plenty of online opportunities for those with an artistic flair. An online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design can help artists hone their skills in a digital environment and prepare for careers as freelancers or remotely. These degrees typically allow students to select which area of arts they want their degree to emphasize, which makes it very versatile. Artists can either work as freelancers on a commission basis, take on contract work or work remotely for larger businesses that require artwork, illustrations, animations, and more.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Although there are plenty of people who still prefer face-to-face meetings with psychologists, there are also many more who have embraced technology and prefer online consultations. Many people who work in the mental health industry also provide their clients with a choice between in-person and online consultations. This allows patients to connect with therapists in the manner that is most comfortable to them. An online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree 


Advances in technology have increased the number of jobs that can be done remotely, so in addition to the online degrees listed above, there are plenty of others that can be useful. In addition to the flexibility, working from home saves on the stress of commuting, cuts back on wasted time, and allows you to spend more time with your family for a better work-life balance.

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