What Are The Best Online Degree Options For Entrepreneurs?

Published on: March 26, 2023

While many people are content working for a boss in an industry they love, there are also those with an entrepreneurial mindset. These are the people who are fiercely independent and prefer forging their own path instead of working for others. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of resilience and comes with many uncertainties and risks, but the rewards can be great for those who succeed. Fortunately, more resources are available than ever to help entrepreneurs these days. From free courses to online degrees, here's a quick look at some of these resources entrepreneurs can leverage for success.

What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

While anyone can become an entrepreneur, some traits and characteristics can help with success. The most common perception that people have is that an entrepreneur is someone who likes to be self-employed or who has a good business idea. However, entrepreneurs not only enjoy flexibility when it comes to their job but also tends to be very inventive and goal-oriented. They are able to think creatively and are natural problem solvers with a high level of self-initiative. Entrepreneurs, in general, are not afraid to take risks and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a success of their plans.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship?

Pro - Flexibility: One of the biggest pros of being an entrepreneur is flexibility, as it often means working for yourself. Instead of following someone else's schedule, many entrepreneurs can do their job when and where they want.

Con - Risk: Being an entrepreneur isn't without risk, as usually, any money that is on the line will be your own or from bank loans that have to be paid back if you are unsuccessful.

Pro - Fulfillment: Being an entrepreneur often means doing what you love and making a career out of things you are passionate about, which is very fulfilling.

Con - Competition: Competition can be fierce, and entrepreneurs often have to go up against firms already established in the industry or other entrepreneurs trying to carve up their own share of the market.

Pro - Control: Entrepreneurs typically have more control over important aspects of their business or ideas. This allows them to make decisions quickly and implement changes faster. 

Con - Responsibility: Entrepreneurs also have to take on a lot more responsibility and with a great risk of letting many people down. This can lead to a lot of personal stress, which is not healthy.

Pro - Income Potential: While it is not easy or guaranteed, there are plenty of examples of entrepreneurs that have made a lot of money with their ideas. 

Con - Unreliable Income: Unfortunately, while the income potential may be unlimited, it can also be very unreliable. Success takes time, and until the business takes off, entrepreneurs can expect their income to be very inconsistent.

What Are The Best Online Degree Options For Entrepreneurs? 

Bachelor of Science in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies is a 100% online degree emphasizing professional skills and entrepreneurial talents. It may include introductory courses such as Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Business & entrepreneurship, and Intro to Personal & Business Finance. Professional courses may consist of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Microeconomics, Management, and Entrepreneurship. Some learning institutions also assist students with internship and job training opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree is designed to help students think like entrepreneurs, build their confidence and apply an entrepreneurial mindset. Course topics may include Strategic Management Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Creation, Organizational Behavior, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and more. Students who complete this degree will be able to develop feasibility plans that integrate entrepreneurship concepts and skills and launch new ventures supported by comprehensive business plans.

Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship

The online Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship degree is aimed at students who want to know the ins and outs of bringing their product or service to market. The focus is purely on entrepreneurship and covers everything from idea generation and marketing to management, operations, and legal aspects. Course topics range from Innovative Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship to Strategic Growth, Technological Innovation, Money Management for Entrepreneurs, and more. Students can also choose concentrations for this career, such as Food and Beverage Industry, Sports Fitness, Small Business, and Business Analytics.

Are There Any Free Resources Available For Entrepreneurs? 

Online degree programs are the best option for entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need to succeed, but plenty of free resources are also available. For example, YouTube has plenty of content by and for entrepreneurs, and free courses like the ones below are also easy to access online.

U.S. Small Business Administration: SBA has been around since 1953 to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in America. Their learning center (https://learn.sba.gov/dashboard) has several free courses covering everything from planning and launching to management, marketing, and growth. 

OpenLearn: The OpenLearn platform by The Open University has a number of free courses, articles, and videos that can assist entrepreneurs (https://www.open.edu/openlearn/local/ocwglobalsearch/search.php?q=entrepreneurship). 

MIT OpenCourseWare: The MIT OpenCourseWare platform is a free and open collection of material from MIT that covers the entire curriculum, including entrepreneurship (https://ocw.mit.edu/collections/entrepreneurship/).

Google Digital Garage: Google Digital Garage has several online courses for entrepreneurs that covers things like the fundamentals of digital marketing, getting a business online, and making sure that customers can find you online. These days the online space is vital for any business, which makes these free courses invaluable (https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/courses). 


As an entrepreneur, the sky is the limit, but reaching those lofty heights requires hard work, dedication, and a good education. Thankfully, with so many great online resources available, there's no excuse for entrepreneurs to be as prepared as possible before embarking on their journeys.

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