Online Degrees For People Who Want To Build A Career Out of Their Faith

Published on: March 05, 2023

For many people, faith is an integral part of their life, and religion has always been a central component of many cultures. Students who are interested in religious studies, whether due to their personal beliefs or purely for exploring how humans find meaning, have many online degree options to choose from. These degrees can set students on a path to build a career out of their faith or to gain a deeper understanding of ethical and theological questions. Students can also choose to focus on their own religion or explore the depth of the world's religious traditions.

What Are The Advantages of Earning a Religion-Based Degree?

The most significant advantage of a religion-based degree is that it can be used to forge a career path based on your faith. However, even students who are not religious themselves or interested in becoming clergy can benefit from religious studies. These degrees help students gain a better perspective and understanding of other cultures, which is vital in our globalized society. Students can also develop their critical thinking abilities and delve deeper into complex questions, such as the meaning of life, ethics, and what happens after death. These degrees offer an excellent opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

What Are The Types of Online Religious-Based Degrees?

Online Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies degree is great for students interested in Christianity's historical and theological developments. It provides students with a solid foundation in theology, practical ministry, and biblical studies. Completing this degree also helps students better understand the Bible's history, context, and messages. Core courses may include Church History, Study of the Prophets, Acts of the Apostles, Romans, The Gospels, and Old Testament Historical Books. In addition, this degree can prepare students for careers in church administration, religious education, youth ministry, and more.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

With a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry degree, students will be able to gain a foundational understanding of Scripture as well as how to apply it to ministry situations. This degree focuses on Christian worship as well as ministerial ethics, preaching, and general pastoral ministry. Course topics may include Biblical Interpretation, Spiritual Formation, Biblical Tools, Christian Worship, Pastoral Ministry, Ministerial Ethics, and more. When studying this degree online, some programs allow students to accelerate their education by earning both a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry as well as a Master of Arts in Executive Leadership in Christian Ministry degree.

Online Bachelor of Arts In Christian Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree is aimed at students interested in a career involving Christian ministry in any form. These can include pastors, ministers of youth, Christian counselors, missionaries, etc. Typical areas of study include Hermeneutics, History of Christianity, Apologetics, World Religions, and Biblical Expositions. Online concentrations in biblical and theological studies or student ministry are also available for this type of degree. The first focuses on aspects such as ministry administration and Christian ethics, while the latter emphasizes ministering to students.

Online Bachelor of Science in Christian Service and Formation

With a Bachelor of Science in Christian Service and Formation degree, students can deepen their own spirituality while learning to minister to others. It is a degree that helps students develop their pastoral skills and broadens their cultural awareness. The key components of this degree are reading scripture and cultivating spiritual formation. Students can also take additional courses to customize their degree and specialize in other areas of ministry or even another discipline. The curriculum for this degree covers The Bible, Theology and History, Ministry and Mission, as well as Spiritual Formation. In addition to preparing students to preach from a pulpit, this degree can also be helpful for Christian social workers, non-profit starters, and other careers.

Online Bachelor of Arts In Religious Studies

The online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies degree is aimed at students interested in understanding what role religion played in the development of profound human culture. The degree program covers the major belief systems in the world as well as spiritual practices and scriptures that influenced human history. Course topics include World Religion, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Religion in America, Asian Religions, as well as Religious Studies Electives. This degree can prepare students for careers as pastors, youth directors, missionaries, cultural and religious historians, and much more.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Apologetics

Many Christians encounter those who question their faith, and a Bachelor of arts degree in Applied Apologetics is ideal for being able to make a rational defense against this. In addition, the degree helps students better understand the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. This makes it ideal for anyone interested in vocational ministry so that they can give members of their church solid reasons for remaining firm in their faith. Some online Applied Apologetics degree programs also allow students to select an emphasis, such as Cultural Engagement, Global Apologetics, Innovative Evangelism, or Practical Apologetics. Course topics may include Philosophical Theology, Apologetics, and Christian Doctrine, Using Scripture in Apologetics, and Spiritual Formation.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religious Studies

A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies enables students to broaden their perspective and explore some of the most compelling questions about life. The philosophy component makes it especially versatile as it teaches critical thinking skills that are valuable in any profession. Course topics may include Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, The Bible: Hebrew Scriptures, The Bible: Christian Scriptures, and more.


Some students opt for a religion-based degree to strengthen their faith, while others do it to understand others' faith better. While many of these degrees lead to careers in religion, some use them as a foundation for careers involving anthropology or political science. Whatever the case may be, religion has been part of society since the earliest days and is likely to remain so.

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