What Are The Best Online Degrees For Creative People?

Published on: February 04, 2022

The "starving artist" trope is one that has deterred many creative people from pursuing their dreams and instead focusing on more "practical" degrees. However, there is no reason to stifle your creativity if you don't have a passion for something else. These days there are many degrees available that can help you to land jobs where you don't have to choose between making a living or doing what you love. Even if you are not quite ready to give up your day job to indulge in more creative pursuits, you can still complete a degree online in your spare time if you want to expand your horizons. If you are unsure what exactly your options are, here are some of the best degrees for creative people.

Graphic Design

One of the most popular degrees for people who want to make a living from their creativity is graphic design. Marketing is more important to brands than ever before, and the ability to communicate a message in an eye-catching manner is a must in the online space. It is the job of graphic designers to captivate consumers with such visual concepts. Many graphic designers tend to work in advertising, public relations, and related services or use their skills to work as freelancers. Creativity is very important in this field as a graphic designer must be able to create designs that are interesting and appealing. As a lot of graphic design work is done on computers these days, it is not hard to find online degrees that teach the technical side of things.


Architecture is often seen as a very technical and mathematical career path, but it also requires a lot of creativity to create something that is both attractive and functional. If you are good with numbers but would love to indulge in your creative side, too, then it could be a great choice. Architects regularly have to get creative if they want to achieve the desired look for a project while staying within budget and safety regulations. It is also something that is very fulfilling for people who would love to bring their creativity to a practical proposition. Online bachelor's degrees in Architecture are available to get you started, but additional licensing and internships are typically required afterward to gain practical experience.


Advertising can be stressful, especially as deadlines and big expectations are often involved, but it is still a dream job for many creative people. Running a successful ad campaign that gets everyone talking is hugely fulfilling, but you need to be very creative as competition can be fierce. Working in advertising allows you to think outside the box and develop imaginative ideas while also interacting with other creative people on your team. Social media and smartphones have expanded the reach of companies, but they still need good advertising to hold the attention of consumers. There are many online degrees in advertising available, and some also allow you to specialize in the specific advertising categories you are interested in.

3D Animation & Modeling

Both movies and games have come a long way and are now massive industries with plenty of opportunities for creative people to shine. If your passion lies with creating 3D animations and modeling, you'll find that there are many special effects houses and video game companies that can make use of your talents. As long as you have the creativity, an online degree in 3D animation and modeling can teach you the practical side of things. Most degrees in this field covers vital aspects such as rigging, rendering, lighting techniques, and storyboarding. In addition, of course, 3D animation is used in movies and games and other fields such as commercials, educational courses, and more.

Fashion Design

If you love using your creativity to design clothing, accessories, and footwear, then a degree in fashion design will serve you well. In this creative field, you'll be studying fashion trends, creating designs using computer programs, and producing them using appropriate materials. Fashion designers can either be self-employed or work in-house for wholesalers or manufacturers. Creativity is very valued in this field, but employers also look for people who have the technical knowledge needed to produce accessories, footwear, and clothing. Although not as numerous as other degrees, it is possible to study fashion design online as long as you have a computer, internet connection, and sewing machine.

Film and Media Studies

Creative people interested in film, television, media analysis, history, and writing often opt for a degree in film and media studies. It is an exciting degree that is useful for various career paths, including production assistant, executive producer, public relations, talent agent, and much more. Completing a degree in film and media studies equips students with the theoretical, cultural, and historical knowledge that is required for critical engagement with the field. In addition, it gives you a better understanding of the forces at work behind their production and consumption.


Music is a creative outlet and a hobby for many people, but with a degree and dedication, it can also become a career path. From music production to film scoring, there are numerous ways in which a musician can earn a living from their craft. Online degrees in this field can teach you how to use a digital audio workstation for recording, mixing, and mastering as well as other essential aspects, such as vocal production and business sustainability. In addition, music is used for everything from movies and television shows to advertising and games, so there is always a need for people who are creative and passionate about their work.


Even if you do not end up working in a creative field, your creativity is something that should be nurtured as it is crucial for just about every business. Success often comes from people who challenge norms or old ways of thinking and use their creativity to develop innovative new ideas.

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