What Is A Marketing Degree And How Can It Help You?

Published on: October 18, 2021

When looking at versatile degrees that are practical and useful for building a career, marketing is often overlooked. While marketing is a competitive field, it is also a very rewarding one. Even better, studying marketing involves a lot of different subject areas, which are helpful for a diverse range of career options. Earning a marketing degree also equips you with a skill set that is much more flexible than other fields. In addition, a degree in marketing can be invaluable if you are an entrepreneur who would like to start your own business.

How Exactly Is A Degree In Marketing Useful?

When people hear the word "marketing," they often think of selling a product or service to customers. While this is one element of marketing, it is by no means the only one. There is more to marketing than just advertising and promotions. In addition to researching and planning advertising campaigns working in marketing might also involve public relations, market research, and much more. Everything you learn while studying marketing will not only be useful for a career in this field but also other career paths. People with degrees in marketing can end up working as anything from advertising copywriters and brand managers to event planners, sales managers, social media managers, public relations representatives, and much more.

How To Know If Marketing Is The Right Study Path For You?

Choosing the right degree is stressful, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if something like marketing will be a match for you. For example, if you enjoy new challenges and dislike monotony, you might thrive in the marketing environment. Marketing is one of the careers where your days rarely involve a consistent routine, and change is the norm.

If you are naturally good at communication, whether oral or written, you might also be a good fit for the marketing world. It is not a career path for anyone shy or reserved as you will be working with different people on a daily basis. Also, unlike in the past, marketing in this day and age requires you to be very tech-savvy as many consumers have moved to the online space.

Marketing usually involves teamwork, so if you thrive as part of a group and get along well with others, you will also enjoy this profession. It is also an area where creative people do well, but if you are more analytical, other areas of marketing could be ideal for you. Finally, if you are self-disciplined, able to multitask, and love the idea of working in a high-energy environment, you will love marketing.

Is Marketing Still A Relevant Degree?

Marketing has always been relevant in the business environment, and this is not something that is going to change anytime soon. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers will continue to be in demand even as demand for print advertising decreases due to the rise of electronic media. Their data indicates that the overall employment of people working in this field will grow 10 percent until 2030 and that demand will be highest in industries that target customers through the use of websites, social media, or live chats (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/advertising-promotions-and-marketing-managers.htm#tab-6).

How To Get Started In Marketing?

Since marketing is such a broad area, it can be tricky to choose where to specialize. What tends to work best is to focus on the aspect of marketing that you enjoy the most. As with any career, if you enjoy your job, you will be more motivated and more successful. Newcomers to marketing tend to start with a broad emphasis to try out all the different aspects before discovering where their passion truly lies. Afterward, it is also easier to steer your career in the direction you want to be in. Experience also helps when looking to start a career in marketing. While traditional avenues such as internships and part-time positions are still useful, it is also possible to take matters into your own hands. Creating a website or blog and running affiliate marketing campaigns can be a significant first step. Creating your own marketing plans to promote these can also help you build your confidence while getting the practical experience employers look for in employees.

What Type of Degree Is Needed To Work In The Marketing Industry?

While it is possible to work in the marketing industry without a degree, your options and career prospects are much better with one. Typically a bachelor's degree at minimum is preferred by employees seeking to employ marketing specialists. Certificate programs in marketing are available that tend to focus on specific areas such as digital marketing or nonprofit marketing. These are great for students who know what career paths they want to focus on and want to brush up on the essentials. Associate degree programs tend to focus on core marketing concepts while also incorporating complementary fields such as financial accounting, business, and communication. A bachelor's degree tends to cover all the fundamentals of marketing which can be followed up with a master's degree to focus on core areas. Those who want to follow careers in marketing research or academia can also complete a doctorate degree in the field.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Marketing If I'm Already Employed?

Studying marketing is not just beneficial for someone who is about to embark on a career for the very first time. Even if you are already employed, you can enhance your career prospects with a marketing degree. Marketing is a core element of all organizations, and the knowledge gained from a marketing degree can be applied to numerous facets of a business.


Marketing jobs can be stressful and often comes with strict deadlines, which is why it is so important to figure out if you are suited for the industry before committing all your time and energy. Because it is such a lucrative industry, it can also be very competitive, but there's plenty of space to grow and thrive if your goals and skills align with what is required. Thankfully the knowledge and skills that can be picked up from a marketing degree will continue to be useful even if you change your career trajectory in the future.

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