Applying Metrics To Human Characteristics: Biometrics Degree

From law enforcement to financial services to gaming and security, biometrics is an area that has seen a lot of use in recent years. If you want to be part of this exciting industry, then a degree in Biometrics can be an important first step. Whether you are interested in making life more convenient for people through biometric systems, enhancing security or improving privacy, it is a challenging, but rewarding industry to work in. There are also numerous specialties within the field of Biometrics, which makes it easy to focus on your particular areas of interest. As people become more dependent on technology in areas such as banking and healthcare, there is a need for experts in the field of Biometrics to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

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Biometrics Degree Information

Biometrics Graduate Certificate

Some universities offer graduate certificates for Biometrics, which enables students to learn the skills required to become a biometrician. Common courses for this type of certificate include Data Mining, Statistics, Pattern Recognition and Biometric Computing. This type of certificate usually requires 12 credit hours to complete, which in many cases can then be applied towards a master of science degree.

Master of Science in Biometrics

The Master of Science in Biometrics degree program is aimed at working professionals and can typically be completed in 33 credit hours. This type of course is also available as a fully online degree, which makes it ideal for students who are interested in the field, but unable to attend a campus. The focus of this type of degree is generally to provide students with the required skills in project management, statistics and engineering to make them more efficient at leadership roles in this field. Courses may include an Introduction to Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Biometric Technology and Applications, Project Management, Info Sec Concepts, Business and Biometrics as well as Biometric Performance and Usability. In addition, students can typically choose from a number of concentrations, such as Human Factors in Engineering, Statistical Quality Control, Applied Regression Analysis and Topics in Industrial Engineering.

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Biometrics Degree FAQ

Can I Earn My Biometrics Design Fully Online?

There are Biometrics degree programs that are available in a 100 percent online format, which means there is no need to attend any campus to complete your courses. These programs are typically at a master’s degree level and aimed at working professionals who have other obligations that make attending a campus difficult or impossible. The biggest advantages of an online Biometrics degree program is the flexibility and convenience that it offers students. Not only is there no travel involved, but students can typically choose when and where they want to study. All that is needed is a computer or laptop with an internet connection. When choosing an online Biometrics degree program, make sure that it is offered by an accredited institute.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Biometrics?

In addition to having a keen interest in the field of biometrics, it is also important for students who are interested in obtaining this type of degree to have good communication skills. The ability to explain technical concepts in an articulate manner is particularly useful in this field. It is also important to love challenges and enjoy solving problems. A good understanding of computer languages can also be very beneficial for careers in this industry. Many of the jobs involving biometrics also require you to deal with customers, so this is another area in which you should be comfortable. Since biometrics is such a multidisciplinary field, it requires a certain amount of flexibility in terms of the knowledge domains across which you will be working. As with any career path, being professional and dependable is essential.

What Type of Career Options Might Be Available With A Degree In Biometrics?

There are a variety of industries with a need for biometrics professionals to handle a variety of tasks. Many people with this type of degree go on to work in the IT security industry where they handle data defense of clients. Security technology firms as well as the health care industry also make use of biometric professionals. Another industry where biometrics is commonly used is law enforcement, but as the technology becomes more reliable and commonplace, it is sure to gain a foothold in other industries as well, which can open up new career opportunities. In recent years there has been a rise in the use of biometrics in industries as diverse as gaming and targeted marketing. Finally, there is also a need for experts in this field to teach others.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Degree?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have any information available as of yet about the average income for people employed in the field of biometrics. Ultimately, your potential income will depend on where you are employed as there are so many different industries that make use of biometrics.

What Are The Other Advantages To Working In This Type of Industry?

Biometrics is a very exciting industry to work in as it is one where new boundaries are pushed every day. Due to the nature of biometrics it is also a very rewarding career path as the work you do can directly impact the efficiency of hospitals and clinics, as well as the elimination of medical errors. The use of biometrics in law enforcement and homeland security also helps to keep people safe, which is very rewarding. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology, then Biometrics is definitely a good choice.

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