Investigating Human Behavior: Behavioral Science Degree

Behavioral science is a field that encompasses such topics as psychology, sociology, anthropology and social networks. Students fascinated with human behavior and development will likely find an online behavioral science degree to be exciting and rewarding.

Behavioral science is often applied to animals and wildlife, as well. It is a fascinating field of study for those who are interested in the effects of human actions as well as interactions and highlights the connection between social sciences and natural sciences. However, behavioral science is not only applicable to those interested in becoming counselors or social workers. It is also a field that has become invaluable to the business world as competition has heated up and new methods of attracting customers are invaluable. So, if you want to learn how to better understand people and their social interactions, then this is the degree to earn.

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Behavioral Science Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science

This type of course is available in an online format and provides you with a greater understanding of individual, family as well as community problems along with potential solutions. Students also typically learn how to apply the behavioral sciences concepts they learn to real-world situations, the impact of diverse cultural backgrounds on communities and workplaces as well as how to conduct applied research. Course topics usually include sociology, psychology and social research methods.

Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science

With a master’s program you’ll be able to build on the information you have learned while obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Coursework can include topics such as principles of behavior, research methods, research or intervention practicum along with ethical, legal and professional issues. Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Enroll In An Behavioral Science Degree Program?

To excel in the field of behavioral science you must have strong analytical skills as well as being good at communication and very organized. In many cases you might be dealing with confidential client data, so honesty and discretion are valuable traits. Since many of the jobs in this field involve working with either groups or individuals, it is essential that your interpersonal skills are very good. This is especially important for career paths in this field dealing with changing the behavior of people. For counseling positions you’ll need a mixture of compassion, leadership skills and assertiveness.

What Types of Behavioral Science Jobs Are Available?

Students who obtain a degree in behavioral science has a couple of different career paths available to them. Human resources is a popular area of specialization for those who are interested in training employees in the business world. If you prefer to work in a mental health setting then there are positions in hospitals, clinics and even prisons. Even law enforcement agencies have a need for behavioral science experts to help them as profilers.
Animal behavioral science majors can look forward to working in zoos, wildlife management or agricultural studies. Completion of a master's or doctorate in behavioral science often results in a teaching or research position at a college or university.

What Topics Are Studied in a Behavioral Science Degree Program?

Students typically choose to specialize in either human studies or animal studies. Research-based and operational-based programs allow students to learn specialized skills for the desired career path. Common classes for a behavioral science degree program include human/animal development, management, communication, psychology and sociology.

Can I Minor in Behavioral Science Online?

Some online students choose to strengthen a business administration degree with a minor in behavioral science. This combination is ideal for individuals interested in corporate sector careers such as human resources and organizational behavior. Online MBA programs often focus heavily on behavioral science topics, as well.

What Is the Behavioral Science Degree Job Outlook?

Experienced behavioral science graduates often find job opportunities in offices, social service agencies, prisons and hospitals. Many individuals with a doctorate go on to teach at the college level.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn While Working In This Field?

Since there are numerous career fields that can be entered with a degree in behavioral science, it is difficult to pinpoint specific salary information. How much you will be able to potentially earn will depend greatly on which type of career path you choose. For example, health educators earned between $30,250 and $92,950 in 205, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the median salary being $51,960. In contrast, human resources managers earned about $104,440 during the same period.

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