Taking The First Steps Into The Digital Age: Basic Computer Skills

Once upon a time computers were a luxury, but in modern times they have become a necessity for all walks of life. The job industry is no different and without basic computer skills a lot of career paths will be out of your reach. Thankfully, it is not too difficult to gain a good understanding of how to operate a computer and there are numerous courses available that can teach these vital skills. Once these basic skills are mastered, you can to go on to build your knowledge and understanding of computers even further. Becoming computer literate can help to drastically increase your productivity as well as improve your career prospects.

Basic Computer Skills Courses Information

Common Course Topics

Basic computer skills courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of using a computer. This typically includes how to navigate an operating system, such as Microsoft Windows and how to use word processing. Courses can also include an introduction to the internet and email as well as using spreadsheets. Many of these courses are available either at a free or certificate level. There are no degrees specifically for basic computer skills, although certain degrees do contain components for learning computer skills. Some computer skills certificate courses also enable you to apply credits towards an advanced computer skills certificate. After completing an advance certificate students can also go on to study for an Associate in Applied Science in Computer Information Systems, which can open up further career paths.

Basic Computer Skills Courses FAQs

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Complete This Type of Course?

Basic computer skills courses are typically aimed at adults who have no knowledge or very little experience in using a computer. It is ideal for anyone who want to learn how to use a computer efficiently for work or at home.

Can This Type Of Course Be Done Online?

Depending on the type of basic computer skills course and your own proficiency with computers, it is possible to complete these types of courses in an online format. Obviously if you have no knowledge or understanding of computers it is better to complete a campus or classroom based course where assistance is readily available. However, courses that covers topics such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and similar basic computer skills can be done over the internet. The only requirements are typically a computer with internet access and email. Online courses are usually presented in a self-paced manner and split up into modules to make it easier to complete. For users with no computer or online experience who cannot attend campus classes there are also paper workbooks available that can assist with learning basic computer skills and then using them as a foundation to continue with online courses.

What Are My Career Options After Completing A Basic Computer Skills Course?

Although completing a basic computer skills course doesn’t guarantee you a job in any field, it does help to prepare you for a myriad of career paths. These days it is essential to know at least all the basic skills for operating a computer no matter what type of job interests you. After the completion of such a course you can also increase your knowledge and skills with computers by taking more advanced courses or focusing on an area of computers in which you want to specialize, such as hardware or software. Usually the concepts and skills learned by completing this type of course are relevant to any type of business setting.

What Are My Salary Prospects After Completing This Type of Course?

Mastering basic computer skills can open a lot of career paths for you, which in turn can mean higher salaries. Studies have shown that certification can be tied directly to a potential increase in earnings as most employees expect all educated candidates to have basic computer skills. By obtaining certification, you can increase your value to an employer and set yourself apart from other candidates.

What Are The Other Advantages to Learning Basic Computer Skills

The amount of jobs that can be done without any computer skills are quickly dwindling as occupations in all sectors are increasingly embracing technology. Completing a basic computer skills course is an important first step in educating yourself about using computers. The skills that you learn during these types of courses are not only useful in terms of employment prospects, but can also make you more efficient at using your home computer to perform time saving tasks. Learning how to use the internet and emails can also make the process of finding and applying for jobs online easier.

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