For The Love of Mixing Things Up: Bartending Course

Would you enjoy a job where you are able to socialize with patrons while getting to know people from all walks of life? Does the idea of working in a fun environment that is a little more unconventional than a typical office job sound appealing? If this is the case then working as a professional bartender is something to consider. Not only does it offer stability as alcohol remains popular in good times as well as bad ones, but it also offers flexibility and the potential to earn a lot of money if you are good at what you do. Although you don’t need to do a bartending course in order to work as a bartender, it can teach you some vital skills and better prepare you for this line of work.

Bartending Course Information

Although there are no bartending degree programs available, courses are on offer for certificates. Courses in bartending range from ones that can be completed in a single day to ones that last a couple of weeks. Some courses also include a Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) certification course that teaches you how to serve alcohol responsibly.

Bartender Mixology Course

Bartender Mixology courses are designed to teach you how to work in the industry as a professional bartender. Course topics tend to cover subjects such as drink recipes along with customer service, alcohol-serving laws, safety and sanitation, bar preparation and more.

Bartending Course FAQs

Can I Complete A Bartending Course Online?

Even though bartending is a very hands-on occupation, it typically doesn’t require the use of special equipment that can only found at a campus. This means that there are numerous online courses available for people who would love to study the subject at their own pace at home. Online bartending courses feature video demonstrations, audio and illustrations to assist you with completing practice exercises. While the knowledge gained from online courses are no substitute for hands on training, they are a good way to prepare yourself for on the job training.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Complete This Type of Course?

One of the most important skills you can have as a bartender is being able to interact with other people ensure that they are enjoying themselves. This means that the job is typically very appealing to extroverted people who love to laugh and have fun. Good customer service skills are essential as you’ll be working in an industry where repeat business is valued. However, you also need to have a lot of patience as you might deal with difficult customers or ones who have had too much alcohol. For this reason it is also important that you are assertive and able to tell customers when they have had enough. Some physical stamina is important as you’ll be spending most of your day on your feet and might also be required to lift heavy cases. In establishments where you work with waters and waitresses, it is important to be able to function well as part of a team. Lastly, it is the type of job where you not only have to be confident, but also able to follow instructions.

What Are My Career Options After Completing A Bartending Course?

Bartenders usually work at any kind of establishment that serves alcohol to customers. These range from bars and clubs to hotels, restaurants and other types of drinking establishments. Airports and large concert halls also often require bartenders.

What Type of Work Environment Does This Occupation Typically Have?

In most instances bartenders work indoors, but it is not uncommon to work outside for events, parties or beach bars either. It is the type of work where you can be exposed to a lot of noise, especially when working at concert venues or busy clubs. Bartenders can often choose to work full time or part time, but it is an industry with a lot of shift work and you’ll usually be required to work evenings as well as weekends.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Working As A Bartender?

Your primary duty as a bartender will be preparing and serving beverages to customers, although there might be additional responsibilities as well depending on where you are employed. You will be required to mix drinks in the proper and timely manner without causing waste. Many bartenders also operate cash registers and check the identification of customers. Additionally, you might be responsible for ensuring liquor and bar supplies are properly maintained. In some bars it is also the duty of bartenders to serve food to customers who choose to eat at the bar.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed As A Bartender?

Your salary when working as a bartender will depend on the type of establishment where you work as well as the location. Working at prestiges or popular establishments typically means a higher salary than working at smaller or less popular ones. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, bartenders earned between $8.32 and $19.34 per hour during 2016. This means that the average median hourly wage for this occupation is about $10.00. However, bartenders tend to make a lot more money from tips, especially at busy or popular establishments where tips can often exceed wages.

What Are The Other Advantages To Working In This Industry?

Working as a bartender means you get paid to go to bars and clubs, which is not something that many people can say. Because it is an environment where you get to meet and interact with various people of different cultures on a daily basis, it also opens up networking opportunities. Of course, working as a bartender can also be a lot of fun as it is your job to ensure that patrons are entertained. It is also the type of job that can be done anywhere in the world where alcohol is served, which is pretty much everywhere. Finally, it is a great choice for people who are night owls and prefer working in the evenings instead of having to get up early in the morning.

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