Helping People To Look Their Best: Barbering Degree

While the days of barbers performing dentistry and surgery on clients are thankfully over, it is still a profession that can be very rewarding for those who love working with their hands. It is also a job that requires a bit more skill and finesse than simply taking a pair of clippers to the hair of customers, which is why a barbering course is so useful. Barbers tend to specialize in hair care for men and thanks to a resurgence in men taking more care of their appearance, there is still a demand for this profession. So, if you love interacting with people, want to learn a skill that is useful anywhere in the world and help people to boost their self esteem by looking their best, becoming a barber might be the right choice for you.

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Barbering Degree Information

Completing a barbering course is not just a luxury, but due to the barber license required by many states before being allowed to work as a professional, it is also a necessity. Typically the training hours required to become a barber are similar to that of cosmetologists. Generally, most barber programs tend to be 15 months or shorter in duration. To meet the associate degree qualifications, some learning institutions that offer occupational certificates in barbering offer students an additional semester of general education courses. Students who obtain their certificate then have the option to continue on if they wish to also earn the degree.

Associate in Occupational Technologies Barbering & Hair Styling

This type of degree typically consists of 21 credit hours of general education courses along with 40 credit hours of required barbering courses. Students can also choose to minor in either cosmetology or business when taking part in this program. Barbering courses for this degree may include bacteriology and sanitation, chemical hair processing, hair coloring chemistry, hairstyling and design, science of barbering and hairstyling and management laboratory.

Associate in Applied Science In Barbering

The Associate in Applied Science in Barbering degree usually comprises of 65 to 68 credit hours consisting of general education requirements and departmental requirements. The latter may include theory, haircutting, hairstyling, shaving, barbering clinic practicum and hair coloring.

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Barbering DegreeFAQs

Is It Possible To Study This Type of Course Online?

Barbering is a very hands-on profession, but it is still possible to find online courses where you can learn by watching high-quality video lessons. Some courses also provide students with diagrams that cover each type of haircut and the important terminology associate with them. Guides with instructions and other important information that can be printed out for future reference may also be included in an online course. Hybrid courses are also available where students completing their hands-on training at an on-campus barbershop while studying the theory parts online. The biggest advantage of studying barbering online is that it can enable you to continue your education after obtaining your license. This allows you to keep up to date on the latest styles and learn more about the industry without the need to travel to seminars. While the knowledge obtaining through online courses is no replacement for physical experience, it can be invaluable for improving your skills.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Barbering?

Working as a barber requires you to be good with your hands, but you’ll also need good people skills as you’ll be dealing with clients on a daily basis. Being approachable and able to have a conversation with your clients will foster trust and ensure that they come back when they need your services again. Some creativity and a passion for the industry is also essential as is the ability to carefully follow directions. Operating a barbershop is not just about working with hair, so some aptitude for running a business will also help you with success. Of course, having good standards of hygiene and sanitation is always vital for this type of industry as is physical stamina due to the amount of time spent on your feet.

What Type of Duties Might I Have In This Profession?

Your most important duty as a barber will be the cutting and trimming of hair; either according to their specific instructions or making use of your knowledge of current style trends. It will also be your responsibility to keep your tools and equipment clean and hygienic at all times as well as keeping your work area clean. Many barbers maintain their own client information or service records along with other administrative duties. In addition, you might be responsible for ensuring that supplies, materials and equipment is ordered and stocked. Apart from cutting hair, some barbers also use razors to shave clients or trim mustaches and beards.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working As A Barber?

According to information published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, barbers earned a median hourly wage of about $12.38 as of May 2016. However, additional income is possible thanks to tips paid by customers who are satisfied with the service that they receive. They also indicate a projected growth of 10 percent for overall employment in this industry, which is faster than the average of all occupations.

What Are The Other Benefits To Becoming A Barber?

Apart from the financial rewards and job security of this type of profession, becoming a barber also has plenty of other advantages. For one, operating your own barbershop means that you are your own boss and have the freedom to decide your own working hours. Secondly, it is a profession where you get to help people feel good about themselves, which is very rewarding in its own right. Barbershops also tend to be very pleasant work environments that are free from the stress and drama that often pervades other types of career paths. Finally, barbering is great for people who would feel stifled by the monotony of other jobs. While you might be cutting or styling hair everyday, you will be dealing with different people, personalities and styles, which means that each day will be different and challenging.

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