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Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (ARROW)
"...project will identify and test software or solutions to support best practice institutional digital repositories comprising e-prints, electronic theses, e-research and electronic publishing."

National Library of Australia

Parliamentary Library
Includes a nice selection of Internet Resource Guides
Parliament of Australia

Australian Libraries Gateway
"...access Australia's cultural heritage via on-line exhibitions, events and image collections...create a mechanism for discovering which Australian libraries have good research collections in particular subjects."
- National Library of Australia


Register of the National Estate
"The only heritage list that covers the entire country, the Register includes historic places, natural areas and places of importance."

University of Sydney Library - Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS)
"...provides access to a large number of networked and in-house full text databases, primarily but not exclusively, source texts within the humanities. In addition to these literary, philosophical and religious texts the service is engaged in a number of text and image creation projects."
Some databases restricted

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