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Nova Australia - Science in the News

Australia's Biodiversity
A well designed educational site from Australian Museum Online.

Australian Centre for Environmental Law
Access academic departments, Australian laws and regulations, international bodies, and international environmental law.

Australian Greenhouse Office
Sections include: Publications ; Databases ; Science & Emissions Monitoring ; International Activities ; Government ; Business & Industry ; Community & Household ; Energy & Transport ; Natural Resources.

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Environmental Australia On-Line
Topics include Priorities, Heritage, Natural Heritage, Biodiversity, Marine, State of the Environment, and Library & Education
Official Government site


Queensland Museum - Natural Environment

The Thylacine Museum
A Natural History of the Thylacinidae
Sections include: Introducing the Thylacine ; The Natural History of Thylacinus Cynocephalus ; An Examination of the Thylacine Skull ; The Thylacine Films ; Some Thylacine Relics ; Various Other Thylacine Topics.
By C. Campbell

Victoria - Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment

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