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Australian Indigenous Peoples and the Law - (dead link)
NTU Faculty of Law List of Web Resources
"The emphasis is on links to primary sources of law and secondary sources that are either comprehensive, clear, topical, authoritative or interesting."
Maintained by Martin Flynn, Northern Territory University

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Web Site
Includes an extensive collection of links and online resources

The Indigenous Law Centre
Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales

Programme for Traditional Resources Rights (PTRR) - (dead link)
"...dedicated to furthering the rights of all 'indigenous and local communities embodying traditional lifestyles' (as identified in the Preamble to the Convention on Biological Diversity). By acting as a base for information, research and publicity the Programme aims to extend to Indigenous peoples and local communities knowledge of appropriate mechanisms for protecting the integrity of their knowledge and resources."

Reconciliation and Social Justice Library
Online Newsletter, Reports, Issue Papers, and Publications of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

Social Justice Bibliography - (dead link)
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Library

Native Title

Native Title Act 1993
Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

National Native Title Tribunal
"The Tribunal is a Commonwealth Government body that facilitates the making of agreements among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments, industry and others whose rights or interests may co-exist with native title rights and interests. The Tribunal is not a court and does not decide whether or not native title exists."

  • Publications - (dead link)
    • Native Title Bulletin 2000 - (dead link)
    • Native Title Forum 2001 - Negotiating Country - (dead link)
      Conference Papers - Brisbane (August 2001)
    • Native Title Facts - (dead link)
      "a series of 28 fact sheets about native title in Australia, as it is administered under the Native Title Act 1993."
    • Occasional Papers Series - (dead link)

Australian Anthropological Society

  • Native Title Conference - (dead link)
    Papers Presented from Adelaide Conference, July 2001

Coexistence - Negotiation and Certainty
Indigenous Position in Response to the Wik Decision and the Government’s Proposed Amendments to the Native Title Act, 1993.
Prepared by the National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title, April 1997


The High Court in Mabo
"A critique of the High Court judgement - edict - delivered in Mabo v Queensland (1991:1)."
Available via email from the author
By Prof. L.J.M. Cooray

Indigenous Cultural & Intellectual Property Rights
Proposals For The Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.

National Native Title Tribunal
Includes online background paper and Timeline

Native Title Cases Archive - (dead link)
A collection of legal authorities and documents relating to the Australian High Court's Mabo decision - (dead link) and the Federal Native Title Act. Last update June 1996 and is no longer being maintained.

Native Title Research Unit - (dead link)
"This page describes AIATSIS's Native Title Research Unit and its publications."
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Northern Land Council - (dead link)
This site outlines the struggle for Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory of Australia and the role of the NLC

The Yorta Yorta Native Title Hearings - (dead link)
A Daily Commentary on the Progress of Justice by Rod Hagen

Electronic Texts & Documents

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act 1989

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Act (No. 2) 1993

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Act (No. 3) 1993

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Act 1994

Native Title Act 1993
Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

Councils & Commissions

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Web Site

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

House of Representatives Committee on ATSI Affairs - (dead link)

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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