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Sister Wendy's American Collection
A Companion Web Site to the PBS Series
"The visual arts are an excellent way to supplement instruction in history, social studies, language arts, or other subjects in middle and high school classrooms. Use these hints to find ways to link your curriculum to the content in the Web site and programs."
Includes: Selected Works ; The Museums ; Meet Sister Wendy ; Classroom Hints.
PBS Online

" an evolving collection of online workshops and arts educational activities aimed at all ages ... For teachers, educators and artists - AccessArt provides easy access to contemporary issues in visual arts education and an exchange of information and ideas."

American Photography: A Century of Images
In addition to thematic features such as Digital Truth, Persuasion, Art, Social Change, Cultural Identity the site also contains a fascinating Image Lab.
- PBS Online

Art Institute of Chicago Museum

  • Art Access
    "Art Access examines objects from various areas of the Art Institute of ChicagoÌs permanent collection to enrich visitors' understanding of their content, style, and historical context. Included are a variety of online resources of special interest to educators, parents, students, and young people, including lesson plans for the classroom and art projects for the home.
  • Science, Art & Technology
    "...began as a year-long course offered by The Art Institute of Chicago to Chicago Public School science teachers interested in exploring the relationship between science and art within a museum setting... Teachers used the information provided to create written guides for museum visits with their students and lesson plans for in-class instruction. The program's overarching goal was to show science teachers that an art museum may be used as a visual library to augment and to enrich established high-school science curricula in chemistry, earth science, or physics."
    Sections include: Intro to Science and Art ; Art and Astronomy ; The Chemistry and Physics of Light and Color ; Perception, Light, and Color ; Conservation: Light in the Making and Viewing of Art ; Careers in Science, Art, and Technology ; Lesson Plans ; Self-Guides ; Glossary.

"Twenty-one artists who are defining the visual arts for a new millennium discuss their life, their work, and their vision in Art:21 - Art in the Twenty-First Century, a four-part series premiering Fall 2001 on PBS. The first broadcast series to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, Art:21 offers a unique glimpse into 21 artists' personal experiences, sources of inspiration, and creative processes."
PBS Online

ArtiFAQ2100 Starcraft Time Portal
"ArtiFAQ 2100 is designed to predict how art will influence our lives in the next hundred years. Through probing past inspirations and methods students can use available data to make reasonable predictions for the future."
An extension of the Learning About Leonardo site below.
By Steve Feld and students at John F. Kennedy High School, NYC

" a complementary, interdependent collaboration between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center which provides online access to the rich collections and reference, archive, media, and curriculum resources of both institutions through one shared point of entry (Web page)."

Color Pencil Challenge
"This site is a free educational resource committed to help educate and promote color pencil artists and those that want to teach the medium. It features monthly lessons from expert artists, an online gallery of participating artists' works, links to important advice and other color pencil resources, and a forum for discussions."

Culture Shock
A Companion site to the PBS series about art, cultural values, and freedom of expression.
"They inspire, but may provoke. They thrill, but sometimes offend. And often the same artwork attracts both acclaim and condemnation. This site provides context that promotes understanding of the history of the arts and controversy. Artists featured in this site address such perennially divisive topics as race, religion, politics, sex, and violence. Although artworks reflecting these issues are included, the site is designed so that visitors must make the choice of what they wish to view, listen to or read, and may opt out of seeing any objectionable material. Teachers are advised to review the entire site and to read "For Teachers" before using it in the classroom."
PBS Online

Drawing Materials and Drawing Techniques: A Guide and Glossary - (dead link)
Topics include: Supports ; Dry Media ; Liquid Media ; Function ; Process ; Transmission ; Contemporary Innovations ; Bibliography ; Links ; Glossary.
by Michael Miller, New York University

The Getty (English or Spanish)

The Impressionists
Dagas - Monet - Morisot - Pissarro - Renoir
Sections include: The Artists ; Classroom ; Quiz ; Museum Web Ring ; Make a Masterpiece.

Learning About Leonardo
"Learning About Leonardo is a multidisciplinary science driven web-based project developed by computer graphics students at high schools in the Bronx and Sweden, exploring the mystery of the Mona Lisa through scientific inquiry and presenting original music composed by Leonardo da Vinci. We also have identified Leonardo's Portrait of an unknown Musician! There is an interactive quiz, multilingual musical postcards in 23 languages and a dozen da Vinci diversions to explore randomly. This project compares the work of Dr. Lillian Schwartz and Rina de Firenze, author of Mystery of the Mona Lisa. There are current articles online about the celebration of Leonardo's Bronze Horse in Milan as well as a view of the Mona Lisa Bridge in Oslo. We also have curricula resources contributed by teachers for English, Social Studies, Math, Health Education, Business Education and Special Education."
See their wonderful new NYC Project 2000 ArtiFAQ2100 Starcraft Time Portal

Learning about the Holocaust through Art
"The works of art in this collection offer a useful resource for Holocaust education, especially when combined with the accompanying biographical and historical material...Because it is art-based, this resource has the potential to be used quite broadly across the curriculum - in Art and Art History, as well as more common subjects such as History, Social Studies, Language Arts or Citizenship."

National Gallery of Art: Teaching Resources
Loan Programs
"...which includes over 150 education resources in a variety of media-slides programs and teaching packets, videocassettes, films, and videodiscs. These programs are distributed at no charge to schools, libraries, colleges, and other educational and cultural organizations across the nation."

NGA Kids
Adventures With Art - Activities & Projects
National Gallery of Art

PaPa iNk - The International Gallery of Children's Art!
" a non-profit dedicated to collecting and preserving children's art and reinjecting children's creative spirit into human discourse."

Sister Wendy's American Collection
A Companion Web Site to the PBS Series
"The visual arts are an excellent way to supplement instruction in history, social studies, language arts, or other subjects in middle and high school classrooms. Use these hints to find ways to link your curriculum to the content in the Web site and programs."
Includes: Selected Works ; The Museums ; Meet Sister Wendy ; Classroom Hints.
PBS Online

Timeline of Art History
"...provides an overview of world art history through chronologie, maps, and themes, and currently highlights works of art through 1400 A.D. in the Museum's collection. Continually updated and revised, the Timeline will eventually extend to the present day."
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

The Tom and Nan Riley Collection of Roman Portrait Sculptures
"The Riley Collection, dating to the period when Rome was at its greatest prosperity--the first century B.C. to the third century A.D.--is especially good at introducing students and those interested in ancient Rome to the diversity of the Roman world. Ranging from patricians to plebeians, the collection includes not only emperors and senators, but also men, women, and children from all walks of life. Finally, the collection provides a unique opportunity for people to get to know Romans as individual human beings who were concerned about many of the same issues that we are: identity, status, leadership, and gender ... The Riley website is designed to be useful to students, grade six through university, their teachers, and anyone interested in the Roman empire ... The site also features Teaching Materials designed to help teachers come up with ideas for integrating the site into their own pre-existing courses."
Maintained by John Gruber-Miller, Prof. of Classics, Cornell College


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