Arts History Degrees & Online Subject Guide

Online degree programs in arts history provide the education and tools necessary for a career in this enriching field. Arts and history, sometimes called classical studies, offers students the opportunity to learn about the teachings of ancient civilizations and the theories of some of the greatest minds in history. Students who successfully attain a degree in classical studies can have a career in the social sciences, government, education and other industries.

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Online Arts History Degrees FAQ

What Kind of Degree Is Required for Employment in the Arts History Field?

In the field of arts history, a bachelor's degree is essential for taking on an entry-level position. These jobs usually include that of an assistant, trainee, aide or other non-professional position. A master's degree will open up many more employment opportunities and the addition of a teacher's license will qualify professionals to teach at elementary or secondary schools. A doctorate is required for teaching on the university level or for attaining top-level research or administrative positions.

What Can I Do With an Arts History Degree?

Individuals who graduate with a degree in arts history will usually find employment in the arts, business, government, or communication sectors. For those who wish to specialize in the social sciences, your online education can focus on a specific career, like archeology, anthropology, political science, sociology, history or geography.

Teaching jobs can also be attained for those with teaching licenses. In fact, many individuals with a bachelor's degree in arts history will use their education to get a teaching job while continuing education with online master's degree courses in their chosen field.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for an Online Degree Program in Arts History?

An online degree program in classical studies is ideal for anyone interested in learning about early civilizations and the theories of Plato, Socrates, Cicero and other great minds in history. If you have an interest in religion, fine arts, sociology, history and politics, then you will find an online program in arts history extremely enriching.

What Is the Benefit of Taking Arts History degree Online?

Online programs in arts history are simply the best way to further your career in your chosen field. If you already have your bachelor's degree, you are probably already working a full-time job. Therefore, by taking an online program, you can still receive a university-quality education, but in your own spare time.

When you sign up for online classes, you will be notified of your class schedule. You can partake in the class online if you are available, or you can take the class once you get home from work. Similarly, you can do the assignments and take the tests according to your schedule. Keep in mind, you will still have a deadline for completing assignments. However, dedicated students will find online programs refreshingly manageable and configurable to fit within their daily schedules.

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