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ArchNet - Archaeology
This well designed and valuable resource includes Regional Views, Subject Areas, Academic Departments, Museums, News, Journals & Publishers, and more an in-depth look at a Featured Site.
The home page is available in Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Archaeological Research Institute, Arizona State University

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Anthropology Webliography
Topics include College Departments, Newsgroups and Listservs, Organizations, Periodicals, Reference Material, and Projects.
Includes both anthropological and archaeological resources.
- LSU Libraries

Preservation Internet Resources
" a database of preservation related Web sites, list servs, usenet groups and other online electronic resources compiled and maintained by NCPTT."
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, National Park Service

UCSB Department of Anthropology - Archaeology Web Sites
University of California, Santa Barbara

Proto Indo European Language
Demonstration & Exploration *Webhsite
"You'll get to discover first hand how linguists, anthropologists, and archeologists work together to reconstruct our ancient linguistic ancestor, Proto-Indo-European."
University of Texas, San Antonio College of Liberal and Fine Arts


UCSB Department of Anthropology - Archaeology Web Sites
University of California, Santa Barbara

World Cultures: Ancient and Modern
A Series of Web Exhibits by the University of Pennsylvania Museum.
Exhibits include The Ancient Greek World, Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific, and Eggi's Village: Life Among the Minangkabau of Indonesia, and The Corinth Computer Project.

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