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American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) - Photo Archive
"The AIIS collection from the Center for Art and Archaeology in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, has over 125,000 photographs in the collection. The images fall into the broad categories of architecture, sculpture, terracotta, painting and numismatics."
Part of the Digital South Asia Library

- A Publication of the archaeological Institute of America

The Archaeology Channel
"Explore the human cultural heritage through streaming media. Travel through time and feel the thrill of discovery. Examine the wonderful diversity of the human experience!"
- Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI)

Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives.
"This is the first time that library science, computer science, and Near Eastern archaeology have worked in such a close relationship. When developed, the digital library will make both the primary data and secondary studies of participating projects immediately available online and accessible world-wide."

National [U.S.] Archeological Database (NADB)
"...a computerized communications network for the archeological and historic preservation community--is an internationally recognized source of information on public archeology. NADB ("Nad-Bee") was established to meet a congressional directive to improve access to information on archeological activities nationwide...
Maintained through a cooperative agreement between NPS [National Park Service] and the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) at the University of Arkansas."

Native American Repatriation & Reburial: A Bibliography
Compiled by Barb Bocek, Dept. of Archaeology, Stanford University


North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics (NADAG)
" a database and website that aims to promote use, education, communication, and a knowledge base of the practice of archaeological geophysics in North America."

WAAN-L - Women's Africanist Archaeology Network List
"The list is intended to facilitate communication among members of the Society of Africanist Archaeology (SAfA) who are women or who are interested in gender issues and in creating a more equitable climate for women Africanist archaeologists both in the field and in the workplace."

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