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Many Architecture Organizations list specific online resources.

Advanced Building Technologies
"A building professional's guide to more than 90 environmentally-appropriate technologies and practices. Architects, engineers and buildings managers can improve the energy and resource efficiency of commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings through the use of the technologies and practices described in this web site."

Aerobiological Engineering
"Aerobiological Engineering is the art and science of designing buildings and systems for the control of airborne pathogens and reduction of respiratory infections in indoor environments, including commercial buildings, hospitals, and residences. Aerobiology is the study of microorganisms in the air which may be detrimental to human health. Included among these organisms are viruses, bacteria and fungi."
College of Engineering, Penn State

Architecture Web Resources
"Topics covered by this guide include architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, facility management, energy and the environment, and landscape architecture. Types of listings range from discussion groups to electronic publications to databases -- and of course a wide variety of web sites."
By Jeanee Brown and Laralee Nelson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries

Internet Resources for the Built Environment
" a non-commercial Web site containing a comprehensive directory of Internet resources relevant to planning, architecture, urbanism, growth and sprawl, and other topics related to the built environment. Cyburbia also contains information about architecture and planning related mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups, and hosts several interactive message areas."

Internet Researcher: A Guide to Architecture Resources
Includes: Databases & Indexes ; Web Indexes ; Reference.
Catholic University of America Libraries

Islamic Architecture
"...every section is provided with references, images, and applicable information. The "iArchitecture" section provides; an Introduction to the Islamic Architecture and reviews of Mosques & palaces around the world. In the "iArts" section; youíll find information on calligraphy styles, carpet designs, geometrical & floral patterns, metalwork, Pottery, textiles, and Woodwork."

Manhattan Timeformations
Mapping Manhattan's Skyscraper Districts through Time
"This project uses computer models and interactive animations to depict the dynamic relationship between Manhattan's skyscrapers and other layers of urban information, such as: geologic formation, settlement patterns, landfill, transportation and communications infrastructure, zoning laws and real estate cycles."
By Brian McGrath, Architect


Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide
"...educates and assists architects, building owners, occupants, educators, students, and the general public concerning sustainable building design. The Guide is a design tool that can be used to overlay environmental issues on the design, construction, and operation of both new and renovated facilities."
- University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - eeBuildings
"eebuildings provides a voluntary, no-cost approach to improved energy efficiency...helps building owners, managers, and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their buildings worldwide. eeBuildings forms partnerships with organizations such as multinational corporations, local businesses and NGOs, and government agencies that share eeBuildings' goal of improving energy efficiency to save energy and money."

World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition
Future Memorial for World Trade Center Site Winner - Reflecting Absence.
In addition to the winner you can view all 5,201 submissions from the Virtual Exhibit.

Many Architecture Organizations list specific online resources.

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