From Ideas And Designs To Buildings And Spaces: Architecture Degree

Are you a problem solver with plenty of creativity and a desire to take your ideas and turn them into buildings and spaces? Are you good at using the left and right side of your brain and enjoy solving problems and conquering challenges? As an architect, you will be able to put your creative ideas down on paper and then turn those drawings into reality. It is a challenging, but immensely rewarding profession and few things can compare to the feeling of seeing your ideas turned into something tangible that can be inhabited by people. However, being an architect also comes with a lot of responsibility and the first step is obtaining your architecture degree. This not only proves your dedication to the craft, but also teaches you about the technical and safety aspect of the profession that is just as important as the creative side.

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Architecture Degree Information

Pre-Professional Degrees

Pre-professional, non-accredited degrees include the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies and Bachelor of Science in Architecture. In order to be professionally licensed students must follow these type of courses with a Master of Architecture program. However, the advantage of these types of degrees is that they may enable students to complete shorter Master of Architecture programs.

Bachelor of Architecture

The Bachelor of Architecture degree is generally a five year course that covers a mix of architectural as well as general university studies. The aim of the course is to provide you with an understanding of architecture before moving on to the various aspects of this field. The design and development of a building project are often also included to provide students with practice of what will be expected from them as professionals. The curriculum includes courses such as architectural design, fundamentals of design, communication, building structures and seismic design, design of building structures and materials and methods of building construction. This degree satisfies all the academic requirements that are necessary to practice architecture.

Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture degree is for students who are interested in architectural positions that involve management responsibilities or students who have completed a pre-professional degree and would like to prepare for professional certification. The duration for the completion of this degree range from one to three years, depending on what type of degrees you have previously obtained. Course topics may include advanced architecture design, spatial composition, structural behavior, building construction as well as introduction to architectural computing.

Doctor of Architecture

Students interested in careers as university researchers or administrators can opt for a doctoral degree in architecture. This involves completing all the necessary coursework along with with a dissertation. Before applying for this type of degree you must first earn a bachelor’s degree. Course topics may include advanced design, complex building and contemporary design theory. This type of course also typically culminates in a doctorate project.

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Architecture Degree FAQs

Can I Earn My Architecture Degree Online?

Accredited online courses do exist that enable you to take part in the same classes as an on-site program using your computer and internet connection. Depending on where you study, you might have the option to do all your coursework online or online some while completing the rest on-site. Online courses tend to be very flexible, but also highly focused and interactive. Just like on-site courses you will still be able to interact with instructors as well as fellow students using video conferencing or forums. When graduating via an online program it is essential to gain real-world experience via apprenticeships or entry-level jobs in the industry.

Who Would Be An Ideal Candidate To Study For An Architecture Degree?

Being an architect is a career path that requires you to juggle a lot of responsibilities and there are certain skills that are very beneficial. Since you’ll be in constant contact with builders as well as clients, it is important that you have very good communication skills. Equally important is listening skills as you will have to not only follow instructions from clients, but also find out what is required from all the people who are involved in making your plans a reality. The ability to draw or sketch is useful as you’ll be designing plans either by hand or using computer software. Creating an architectural design requires you to incorporate and understand a lot of technical elements, so you should be good at visualizing your projects and be able to quickly solve problems that can crop up. In addition, you should have a passion for what you are doing and be able to collaborate with others to successfully complete a large project. Since architecture involves lots of physics and math, these might be a requirement for a course or included in the course, depending on where you study.

What Does The Typical Work Environment For Architects Look Like?

Most architects spend the majority of their day in an office in order to meet clients, work on drawings and reports or collaborate with engineers and other architects. The job can also involve going out to construction sites as you have to make sure that your projects are staying on schedule and that the objectives of clients’ are being met. Architects who are self-employed often work from home offices.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working As An Architect?

 When working as an architect there are factors, such as whether you are working for a firm or self employed, that can have an influence on your potential income. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, architects earned a median annual wage of $76,100 during May of 2015. However, the highest 10 percent of earners in this occupation earned upwards of $125,520. The BLS also states that that the projected growth in the employment of architects is about seven percent until 2024, which is similar to the average for other occupations. However, competition for available jobs can be strong, so getting a good education is definitely an advantage in this field.

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