Working Towards Practical Solutions For Family Well-Being: Applied Family Science Degree

Are you passionate about youth and families? Would you like to make a real difference in the lives of others and be able to assist children who are in need? Family is one of the most important bonds between people and healthy family functioning is absolutely essential for the wellbeing of individuals. By obtaining an applied family science degree you can become a family professional and start a career in this important field. It is a great degree for anyone with a desire to use their knowledge in order to create tangible programs or policies that may have a positive outcome for families.

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Applied Family Science Degree Information

Bachelor of Arts in Family Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Family Science degree typically takes about four years to complete. This type of degree can usually be taken as certified or non-certified, with the former earning students a Certified Family Life Educator designation. Requires courses for this degree may include Family Decision, Family Systems, Intimate Relationships, Adolescent Development, Parent Education, Family Law Public Policy and Methodology in Family Life Education.

Master of Science In Applied Science

The Master of Science in Applied Science degree is available in both the traditional classroom format as well as an online course. This type of course is typically aimed at people who are already employed in positions related to family life education, as well as those seeking to enter this field. It usually takes about two years of continuous study to obtain this degree, although accelerated programs may also be available from certain institutions. Required courses for this degree may include Family Dynamics, Families and Crisis, Sexuality Education, Parent Education, Family Life Education, Family Resource Management and Human Development Across The Lifespan. A capstone project in family life education is also typically required for the completion of this degree.

Doctor of Philosophy in Family Science

Students interested in faculty positions in colleges, universities or research institutions often opt for a Doctor of Philosophy in Family Science degree. Completing this type of degree can take between three and four years, two of which are usually dedicated to coursework and the rest to dissertation work. Students who enter this type of program without a master’s degree can take up to five years to complete their Ph.D. as they obtain their master’s degree in the process. Program courses for this degree may include Legal Issues and Families, Family and Health Policy, Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology, Program Planning and Evaluation in Family Science, as well as Ethnic Families and Health Disparities. Doctoral dissertation research also forms part of this type of degree program.

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Applied Family Science Degree FAQ

Can This Type of Degree Be Completed Online?

While applied family science is traditionally a campus based course, there are also online programs available for students who are unable to make use of the classroom format. This is especially useful for students who have existing obligations, such as family or work, which prevents them from studying during normal classroom hours or traveling to a campus. Online degree programs for applied family science tend to contain the same information as the classroom based programs with the exception that all information is relayed electronically. Students are also still able to interact with others using online forms of communication. In order to take part in an online course, students must have a computer or laptop that is able to access the internet.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Enroll In An Applied Family Science Degree Program?

The ability to problem solve and relate well to others are both important qualities for students who are interested in applied family science. Students should obviously also have a passion for family and a desire to help others. Interpersonal communication skills, compassion, leadership skills and the ability to work well with others are just as important. Good technology skills are also a must for students who are interested in completing their applied family science degree online. Other traits that are very useful in this field include creativity, honesty, professionalism and flexibility. Since many careers in family science involve helping others to reach their goals, it is good to be driven as well as optimistic.

What Type of Career Paths May Be Available After Completing An Applied Family Science Degree?

An applied family science degree may open up a number of different career opportunities to students, depending on the type of degree that they have obtained as well as their area of interest. Students with an applied family science degree often go on to work in industries such as social services, early childhood education, public health, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology as well as youth development. Completing a doctoral program may also lead to a research career, teaching at college or university level or for various leadership positions in either private or public institutions. Those who choose a career path with social service agencies may end up working at senior centers, domestic violence centers, child protection agencies or mental health agencies. Corporate business career paths also exist in areas such as counseling, employee wellness or family and employee mediation. Some jobs require a specific license, so check what is required and then make sure that it is part of your degree program or can be taken afterwards if you are interested.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn In This Field?

The salary that you could potentially earn when working in the field of family science will depend largely on the type of degree that you have obtained as well as other factors such as your level of experience and the sector you are employed. For example, a master’s degree might prepare you for a career as a family therapist where the average salary is about $49,170 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, social workers earn a median pay of $46,890 per while while training and development specialists earn about $59,020 per year.

What Type Of Responsibilities Might I Have When Employed In The Field of Family Science?

Like earning potential, your job responsibilities will depend on the type of career path you have chosen. For example, child development teachers are responsible for providing developmentally appropriate classroom environments while also establishing professional relationships with parents and children. Military family life consultants might be required to provide non-medical consultation to members of the armed forces as well as their families. Then there are development and behavioral specialists who are responsible for completing comprehensive behavioral and developmental assessments of children while also meeting with families and reviewing recommendations for treatments.

What Are The Other Advantages To Obtaining This Type of Degree?

A degree in applied family science will not only prepare you for careers where you can enhance the family and relationship health of others, but can also benefit your own relationships. Because it is the type of degree where you make a difference in the lives of others and help them to improve their well-being, it can result in career paths that are very fulfilling.

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