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Main Anthropology Portals:
Anthro.Net: Anthropology and Archaeology - (dead link)
"Anthro.Net queries a database of over 40,000 reviewed web sites with anthropological content built by the interest's of its users. The system collects the search terms submitted by its users and uses proprietary software to hunt down internet based journal articles, well developed topical sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology and the other social sciences. Anthro.Net uses a spider or robot program to check for outdated and dead links. The site contains dynamically generated news and anthropology features updated around the clock."
By Eric J. White, Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Sections include: Anthropologists ; Anthropology and Technology ; Practicing/Applied Anthropology ; Archaeology Resources ; Colleges and Universities ; Ethnology ; Funding ; General Resources ; Discussion Groups ; Literature and Libraries ; Museums ; News and Media ; Organizations ; Other AAA Sites ; Resources for Teachers/Professors ; Visual Anthropology
American Anthropological Association

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ANTHAP - (dead link)
The Applied Anthropology Computer Network

Anthro TECH
Central Clearing House for Anthropological Resources and Web Services
"...focuses on providing web services that enhances the discipline of Anthropology. We have an extensive database of Anthropological Resources, which is categorized, cross-referenced, and searchable. The database is geared for seasoned anthropologists and students alike."

Anthropology & Archaeology in Latin America
Includes Country Resources, Regional Resources, and General Resources
From the Latin American Network Information Center page at University of Texas, Austin

Anthropology Internet Resources - (dead link)
Compiled by J. Bannister

Anthropology on the Internet - (dead link)
Topics include Interesting Sites, Regional Studies, Maps, Tutorials, Of Local Interest, and Internet Basics.
Department of Anthropology, The University of Alabama

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
"This is a comprehensive list of Internet Resources which are directly and primarily of anthropological relevance; in order to retain manageability, I have omitted sites which only tangentially deal with anthropology, such as native issues, 'primitive art', history, etc."
Compiled by Allen H. Lutins & maintained by Bernard-Olivier Clist.

Anthropology and American Indian Sites on the Internet - (dead link)
A brief but selective collection of links including a listing of electronic journals
Maintained by Anita Cohen-Williams, Information Specialist, & Jennifer Cox, Librarian, University of Arizona

Anthropology Resources on the Internet - (dead link)
An annotated listing from American Anthropologist Association page

Anthropology Web Hawg - (dead link)
A collection of anthropological internet sites from the UW [University of Wisconsin] Colleges Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology

Anthropology Webliography
Topics include College Departments, Newsgroups and Listservs, Organizations, Periodicals, Reference Material, and Projects.
- LSU Libraries

Center for the Study of the First Americans
"The Center will continue with its established publication, research, and outreach programs at Texas A&M as well as initiate new projects and programs."
Sections include: Membership ; Faculty & Staff ; Facilities ; Research ; Education ; Publications ; Symposiums & Conferences ; CSFA Library ; Breaking News ; New Technology ; First American Studies ; Archaeology Trips & Digs.
- Texas A&M Dept. of Anthropology

Cybersoc - (dead link) Sociology and Ethnography Research of Cyberspace
" online resource for social scientists interested in the study of the Internet, cyberspace, computer mediated communication and online communities."
Includes Papers ; Resources ; Cybersociology Magazine ; Bookstore - "all at a discount."
By Robin Hamman

Direct Access to Web Anthropology Resources - (dead link)
This well organized site includes links to Major Web Sites, Associations, Other Web Sites, Institutes & Museums, OnLine Databases, Electronic Journals & Newsletters, Academic Presses & Publishers, OnLine Educational Resources, Documentaries, Conducting Research On/About The Web, and
Interesting Places (incl. field schools)
Maintained by Hugh W. Jarvis, University of Buffalo

Includes links to computer programs used in ethnology
By David Fetterman

Feminist Anthropology
A brief survey. Sections include History ; Theory ; Organizations ; Sources ; Diagram.
By Angela Bratton, Graduate Student, Anthropology, Indiana University

The Language and Gender Page
"...provides information and resources about language and gender studies, an interdisciplinary field with connections to anthropology, cultural studies, education, ethnic studies, linguistics, literary studies, psychology, sociology, and women's studies, among others."
By Mary Bochultz

Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture
"...presents a selection of materials from its extensive Mead collection, which came to the Library after her death. The corpus of notes and other field materials that Mead preserved are available to scholars interested in evaluating and building on her research. Totaling more than 500,000 items, the Margaret Mead Papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives is one of the largest collections for a single individual in the Library. The collection includes manuscripts, diaries, letters, field notes, drawings, prints, photographs, sound recordings, and film. For this exhibition, items have been selected from the collection to document major themes in Mead's life and work.
Library of Congress Exhibition

Minnesota State University E-Museum - (dead link)
Their extensive exhibit sections include History ; Biology ; Cultures ; Prehistory ; Archaeology.
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Origins of Writing
"This site was created as part of a student internship at Utah State University. Content for the site came from the final projects of USU students within an "Origins of Writing" class (Anthropology 3170), taught by Dr. David F. Lancy in the Fall of 1999. Each student submitted a research paper, along with supporting illustrations and photographs. The site was designed, organized, and produced by Monica Stapley."

PBS NOVA - Mystery of the First Americans
"The film documents the discovery and ensuing controversy over the Kennewick Man, a well-preserved, 9,000-year-old human skeleton found in Washington State in 1996."
Sections include: Does Race Exist ; Meet Kennewick Man ; Claims for the Remains ; The Dating Game ; Resources.

Proto Indo European Language
Demonstration & Exploration *Webhsite
"You'll get to discover first hand how linguists, anthropologists, and archeologists work together to reconstruct our ancient linguistic ancestor, Proto-Indo-European."
University of Texas, San Antonio College of Liberal and Fine Arts


Theory in Anthropology
"...the Indiana University Anthropology Department's "Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology" students have compiled webpages covering subdisciplines within the field, changes in anthropological perspectives over time, and prominent theorists. All are valuable resources for beginning and advanced students in sociocultural anthropology."
Resources Online for Visual Anthropology
Sections include: News ; Tools ; Learning ; Books ; Videos ; Mailing Lists.

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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