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American Masters - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Winter Dreams
Sections include: Feature Essay [by E. L. Doctorow] ; Career Timeline Filmmaker Interview ; Additional Footage

F. Scott Fitzgerald & Zelda Fitzgerald - Chronology
"A complete chronology of the lives and works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald."

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Home Page
"This Web Site celebrates his writings, his life, and his relationship with other writers of the twentieth century. This site draws extensively on books, photographs, and related materials from the Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald at the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina."

F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers
Description of Princeton University's archive of Papers.
"All of Fitzgerald's manuscripts and letters may be seen, as of Nov. 1, 1992. To protect certain originals from overuse, microfilm or other copy is used in the Reading Room. Fitzgerald's manuscripts and letters may be copied."

F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited": A Long Expostulation and Explanation
"In July 1995 this thesis was presented to the faculty of the Graduate Division of Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in English. The thesis has undergone minor editing and revision for its appearance here."
By Thomas A. Larson


Fitzgerald Campfire Chat
Message board on all things Fitzgerald

Getting it Right
The Publishing Process and the Correction of Factual Errors--with Reference to The Great Gatsby
Online essay by Matthew J. Bruccoli, Jeffries Professor of English, University of South Carolina

MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Entry

A musical based on the lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Chronology
    "A complete chronology of the lives and works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald."

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