Alternative Power Generation Technology Degree - Helping To Make The Future of Energy More Sustainable

If you are well aware of the looming energy crisis due to our dependence on fossil fuel and want to be a part of the solution, then it will be worth your while to focus on a degree in alternative power generation technology. It is an exciting field where your work can help to make a big difference to the environment. Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen energy, and ocean energy are all avenues of alternative power generation. In the future, the focus on alternative power generation technology is likely to become even more important due to ever decreasing natural resources, which makes it a great area in which to study.

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Alternative Power Generation Technology Degree Info

Graduate Certificate In Renewable Energy Engineering

A graduate certificate offers a great way for students to gain knowledge about alternative power without the commitment of a full degree. Many certificate programs provide students with knowledge about the fundamentals of renewable energy systems. Course topics can include solar energy engineering, dynamic systems analysis, alternative energy systems, photovoltaic manufacturing and transfer processes in energy systems.

Associate of Applied Science in Alternative Energy Technology Degree

With associate degree programs in the field of alternative energy technology you are often able to build on the knowledge earned during certificate programs and choose an area in which you would like to focus. Along with an overview of alternative energy sources, these types of programs usually also come with specialized training that is relevant to your field of interest. For example, when choosing a course such as Associate of Applied Science in Alternative Energy Technology - Wind Turbine, you might receive training in electronic controls, mechanical systems, electronics and more. This can help to prepare you for a career as wind turbine installation and maintenance professional. Choosing a major in solar technology might mean courses that cover electrical circuits, solar thermal systems and electrical circuits to prepare you for the installation of solar panels, designing and testing solar products or even researching and developing solar technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering Degree

With the Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering program, students are taught all the engineering principles that are required for the development, implementation as well as the promotion of energy technologies that are sustainable. Courses that are typically included in this program range from mathematics and physics to chemistry along with mechanical and electrical engineering. Coursework might also include energy management and auditing, photovoltaics, fuel cells, biofuels, wind power and more.

Alternative Power Generation Technology Degree FAQ

Can This Type of Degree Be Earned Online?

There are a lot of online courses in this field at a certificate level that can be completed online. For degree programs it is a little harder to find courses that can be done using only the internet. However some renewable energy technology degrees do provide you with the option to do the first two semesters, which typically involves a lot of theory, online only. You would then have to attend a campus class or training lab to complete the remaining semesters. Some courses might offer computer simulations where possible to provide a form of lab experience, but you might require access to additional materials or equipment. There are also master degrees that can be completed online, which is ideal if you are already working in the field and have the practical experience, but would like to expand your knowledge.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Work In This Field?

If you want to work in the field of alternative power generation it is obviously a big plus if you care about the environment and want to help preserve it for future generations. While it is a rewarding career path, it is also a challenging one, so problem solving skills and determination are useful traits to have. For the engineering side of alternative energy it is important to have an aptitude for math and science while communication skills are vital when interacting with other professionals.

What Type of Career Options Are Available In The Field of Alternative Power Generation?

Alternative power is a growing industry, so there are numerous types of jobs available for students with the right qualifications. For example, a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering can help to prepare you for an engineering career in this sector. Jobs can include utility engineers, plant engineers, field engineers, design engineers, and other positions in the energy field. Some students also go on to work as renewable energy system integrators or renewable-energy planners. Students who prefer to work in a research capacity might find opportunities to work with environmental engineers investigating what type of environmental impact a proposed construction project might have. There are also opportunities for self-employment, either working on a consultant basis or focusing on the alternative energy needs of individuals and businesses.

How Much Could I Potentially Earn While Employed In The Field of Alternative Power?

As the demand for alternative energy continues to grow, so will the types of jobs and need for skilled workers. Your salary in this sector will depend on your qualifications as well as your chosen career path. For example, if you become a wind turbine service technician, your annual wage could be in the range of $56,700 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also indicate that South Dakota, North Dakota and Kansas offer higher hourly mean wages for this profession, so location can also play a big role in compensation. Solar photovoltaic installers, on the other hand, are responsible for assembling, installing or maintaining solar panel systems and earn about $44,890 per year according to the BLS.

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