Helping Others Look After Their Skin: Aesthetics - Esthetics - Skin Care Course

As more people begin to realize the importance of proper skin care, the larger the need has become for processionals that can assist them with this important task. Healthy skin isn’t just an important aspect of our appearance, but also protects the body from the sun, bacteria and viruses. If you recognize the vital importance of healthy skin and would love to build a career around this passion, then completing an Aesthetics/Skin Care course will be very useful to you. It can put you on a rewarding career path where you’ll not only have the opportunity to help clients enhance their outward appearance, but also have a more positive self image and healthier skin.

Skin Care Course Information

Esthetician Program

A good Esthetician program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work in the industry, while also offering a curriculum that adheres to state, nation and international requirements. Completion of this type of course will generally prepare students to pass their state licensing examination. An esthetician program can be completed in nine months if done full-time or up to 14 months if done part time. The curriculum typically contains courses in anatomy and physiology, facial treatments, facial massage, standard treatment setup and procedure as well as other relevant topics.

Esthetics Program

Many schools offer esthetics programs where you can choose an area in which you would like to specialize. For example, combining a basic Esthetician program with advanced luxury spa training or medical spa training. Esthetics programs tend to offer hands-on training along with practical salon experience. Students are taught about facials, hair removal, aromatherapy, microdermabrasion and more.

Skin Care Course FAQs

Can I Study This Type of Course Online?

Online courses are available for students who are interested in studying skincare, but are not as common as campus based classes. These courses usually take the form of in-depth videos and tutorials that demonstrate the techniques you’ll need when working in the industry. The flexibility of online courses is great for students who don’t have the time to attend full-time campus classes. However, the majority of courses in this field are either full-time at a campus based location or part-time. Some hybrid courses also exist that enable you to study from home while performing the practical elements at a specified location.

What Is The Difference Between Studying Aesthetics And Cosmetology?

Although many people think that estheticians perform the same duties as cosmetologists, there is actually a difference between the two professions. While there is obviously some overlap between the two, estheticians tend to focus solely on skin care. This is in contrast to cosmetologists who focuses on nails and hair in addition to skin care. This is also why separate licensing is typically required for each career by many states.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study In This Field?

Completing a skincare course can teach you a lot of the technical and practical skills required for a career as a skincare specialist, but there are also some other traits that is vital in this line of work. In addition to being passionate about the profession, it will also be beneficial for you to have empathy when dealing with clients. Skin problems can be a very sensitive issue for people, so in order to deliver the best service you need to be able to understand the fears and anxieties of your clients. This also means that good people skills and excellent communication skills are a vital part of the job. Since people in this profession spend a lot of time standing, it requires a certain degree of stamina and personal fitness. Last, but certainly not the least, a high level of tidiness is not only essential for creating a good impression with clients, but is also important for health and safety reasons.

What Is The Typical Work Environment For This Type of Career?

While some skincare specialists work in medical offices, the majority tend to work at beauty and health spas or salons. Working hours tend to be full time with evening or weekend shifts not being uncommon either as you need to be flexible enough to accommodate clients who work during normal office hours. It is a career path with a lot of flexibility in terms of where you’ll be able to work as skincare specialists can be employed anywhere from hotel spas, medical spas and department store spas to cruise line spas, hair salons and more.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Employed as A Skincare Specialist?

When working as a skincare specialist your primary duties will involve improving the appearance and health of skin. This could involve the use of skin care treatments like scrubs and masks as well as removing unwanted hair. You might also be required to evaluate the skin condition of clients and then refer them to a dermatologist if they have serious problems. A large portion of your time will also be dedicated to educating your clients about proper skincare. Finally, if you run your own salon you might be responsible for ordering supplies, supervising workers and other managerial duties.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working In This Type of Industry?

According to the figures published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, skincare specialists earned a median pay of $30,270 per year during 2016. It is also an industry where employment is expected to grow up to 12 percent until 2024, which is faster than the average growth for other occupations. The reason for this rise in job opportunities is the increasing number of men as well as women who want to curb the effects of aging through better skincare.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying In This Field?

Like most professions in the beauty industry, the knowledge and skills that you acquire through the completion of this type of course is not only useful for clients ,but will also enable you to apply what you have learned on yourself. This means that you’ll always be able to look your best, which is a confidence booster and very useful for any type of job. Working in this type of industry also means you’ll be in a more relaxed atmosphere all day and it is also a great career path for anyone who loves interacting with people.

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