Communicating Persuasively with an Advertising Degree

Do you ever sit in front of the television and after watching a particularly uninspiring commercial and think, "I can make a better ad than that?" If so, then you may be interested in a degree in advertising or marketing. The advertising coursework prepares aspiring students for careers as account managers, media directors, and pr managers amongst many other roles. Advertising is a sector of industry that is constantly in high-demand and the biggest names in the business can draw top dollar. Since advertising attracts creative and driven individuals, it is a perfect fit for distance learning classes.

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Online Advertising Degree FAQ

What Type of Degree Is Necessary for a Career in Advertising?

At the very minimum, one should obtain an associate's degree when pursuing a career in advertising or marketing. Preferably, a bachelor's degree should be the objective. In today's highly competitive advertising industry, it is more important than ever to have a firm understanding of the field. Additionally, higher learning enables candidates to be better prepared for handling the modern nuances of the industry.

How Do Online Advertising Classes Work?

Online advertising classes work in a similar fashion to courses at a brick and mortar institution, with the exception that all work takes place remotely. Assignments are delivered and turned in via the Internet. There may be occasions in which you participate in class discussion or online group study, but normally these are configured around your schedule.

Depending on the program you choose, the course may have a completion date or may be open-ended. However, most degree programs feature specific class durations, so take note before signing up for a particular class.

How Often Do Online Advertising Classes Convene?

Online degree classes vary per institution, so the frequency of classes is individualized and outlined prior to admission. While it helps if a student can actively participate in class at the time it occurs, life and work schedules may create substantial obstacles. Distance degree programs offer more flexibility when it comes to taking tests and turning in assignments.

What Can I Do With An Advertising Degree?

There is a wide range of exciting jobs one can qualify for with a degree in advertising. Some possibilities include advertising manager, media director, marketing manager, promotions manager or public relations director. These careers often present opportunities for advancement. In addition, advertising offers those with a creative background the opportunity to let their creativity shine, making for a satisfying and enriching job experience.

The U.S. Department of Labor expects careers in advertising to increase by 12 percent through 2016, making the industry very reliable in the modern economy. To learn more about the online certification and degree programs available in advertising, simply browse the site by the type of job you desire and the degree you want to achieve.

Is a Degree Necessary to Pursue a Career in Advertising?

Advertising is an incredibly competitive field. However, those who graduate with an online bachelor's degree will be qualified for several advertising positions. A degree offers a certain stamp of approval, making job candidates more attractive to a prospective client or employer.

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