Heeding The Call of The Limelight: Acting Degree

Do you thrive on entertaining others and love being the center of attention? If so, you can put your self-confidence and ability to engage others to good use by becoming an actor. Acting requires a positive attitude, the ability to adapt quickly and plenty of determination. It doesn’t matter whether you want to act for television, motion pictures or the stage, online acting courses can help you to get ahead. Thanks to improvements in technology, more people are opting to get an online acting degree despite it being a bit unorthodox.

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Acting Degree Information

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

If you can’t wait to get started with your acting career you’ll appreciate the fact that bachelor’s programs tend to have no waiting period for admittance. Since many also provide you with the opportunity to intern with professional stage companies you’ll be immersed in acting in no time. In addition to theater and acting courses, you will usually also be required to take other core subject courses and liberal art courses. Expect to course topics such as stagecraft, advanced voice work, movement work and more

Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Acting

With a Master’s degree you’ll be able to involve yourself deeply in every aspect of acting. With this type of degree your focus is on the application of critical theories, while also gaining valuable insights to contemporary productions. You also get to evaluate the the various components that go into production, increase your knowledge of acting procedures and study acting theories. This will prepare you for performing a wide range of material in any type of venue. The subjects include everything that is vital to becoming a movie star, such as improvisational styles, character studies, physical performances as well as dialects and accents.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Online Acting Courses FAQ

Can You Study Acting Online?

Although studying acting is traditionally a hands-on experience that involves instant feedback, it is possible to enroll in online acting schools. This is done via a combination of technologies, such as audio and video. Written exercises and interactive discussion boards can also assist students with their studies. By viewing videos, students can analyze the acting techniques of the actors. Further analysis can then be done through either written assignments or online discussions.

In some courses students are also required to submit recordings of themselves, in either audio or video format, which is then viewed by their instructors to provide feedback. Thanks to faster internet connections, some courses are now also available with live streaming video sessions, which can make the whole experience more interactive. Many famous actors, such as Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey, have also begun to share some of their secrets in online workshops, which is a great way to learn some new techniques.

What Are The Advantages of Choosing Online Acting Classes over Acting Schools or Workshops?

If you are just starting out in this field, studying acting online is a great way to build your confidence. Not only is it more affordable than attending physical classes, but it is also more convenient. Students can take part in the online classes when it suits them, which is great for those who work full-time or part-time jobs to support themselves. With traditional acting courses, you are usually required to keep up with your fellow students, but with computer courses you can learn at your own pace instead.

Studying acting online is also useful for trying out the field to see if it is a suitable career option before investing too much in it.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Acting Online?

Because there are so many options available when it comes to studying electronically, the cost involved can vary significantly. There are many online workshops available for free if you are only looking to learn some of the basics. Online classes that involve feedback from other professionals will typically incur higher fees. Generally the more interaction there is between you and a tutor, such as assignments, online coaching and evaluation of taped work, the higher the fees will be.

What Are The Career Opportunities Available In Acting?

Whether you study acting over the internet or via a traditional acting program, the career options are the same. Building a successful career requires a lot of talent and persistence, as you might need to take part in numerous auditions before landing any significant roles. During auditions you don’t only have to prove your acting skills, but will also be competing against other actors who are all vying for the same parts.

Most actors wish to pursue a career in motion pictures or television, but these are not the only options that are available. Most theme parks, cruise lines and historical museums also have a need for skilled actors. When starting out, gaining experience with independent film production companies, regional television stations or local theater groups can also help you to build up a résumé. Some actors even find employment as narrators or voice actors while waiting for a big break. As the popularity of media on mobile devices has risen along with the demand for online movies, more opportunities are opening up for actors. To make a living from acting, many actors take on multiple jobs, such as roles as film and television extras.

What is My Earning Potential As An Actor?

Although successful actors can earn large sums of money there is no guaranteed income when working in this field. The median hourly wage for actors was $18.80 in 2015 according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics. However, the lowest 10% earned only $9.27 per hour while the highest 10% earned up to $48.79 per hour, so wages do vary greatly. Bigger and higher paying roles are usually dependent on experience as well as making contacts within the industry. There is a rise in employment opportunities for professional actors and this expected growth is estimated to be at 10% between 2014 and 2024, placing it higher than the national average. For higher paying rates and bigger roles many actors join unions, but due to the hefty member dues, this is typically only done be the ones with more established careers.

What Will I Learn During An Acting Course?

When studying for a career in acting you are typically taught how to prepare yourself for rehearsals, how to rehearse as well as how to portray a role with conviction and accuracy. It can help you to hone your natural acting talent to a professional standard by focusing on your voice, movement and techniques. Students can learn the differences between monologues and conversations, as well as study various acting techniques. Some classes also focus on improvisation or the methods and skills needed for acting for film or television.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Enroll In An Acting Degree Program?

In addition to a love for acting, there are some skills that are invaluable to becoming an actor. You need to be creative, have good speaking skills as well as good literacy and reading skills. This is because acting usually requires a lot of memorization. Sometimes scripts are frequently revised or rewritten before filming, which leaves actors with little time to memorize many lines.

Physical stamina is also important as roles can be very demanding and require long hours. Heavy costumes and makeup can also contribute to fatigue, so being able to handle these roles without showing tiredness is essential. Physical stamina also comes in handy when roles require complex choreographed movements along with other actors.

Persistence and dedication are also vital for aspiring actors, as is the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people. In addition, actors should be willing to travel constantly as both rehearsals and shoots can take place all over the country. Because working hours can be so extensive and irregular, it requires actors to be flexible with their time and willing to work weekends as well as holidays if required. While acting classes can help you to overcome shyness and build your confidence, being comfortable in front of an audience will help a lot.

Finally, anyone who wants to pursue acting should be able to handle rejection, as it is constant, especially when starting out.

Other Benefits of Studying Acting

Besides dramatically increasing your odds of becoming a movie or television star, acting can also help with other aspects of your life. It dramatically improves your public speaking skills and communication abilities while also building up your confidence levels. Because acting is a team effort it also enhances your ability to work efficiently with others and, above all, it provides you with a creative outlet.

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