Increasing & Streamlining Production: Industrial Engineering

If you have already earned a degree in engineering, but you are looking to maximize your potential by focusing on a specific specialty, then you may be interested in an online program for a degree in industrial engineering. Online programs in industrial engineering help you develop highly specialized training to excel in this sector of the engineering field. Industrial engineering graduates can expect to focus on the creation of products that offer both function and style sophistication. In many cases, you may be involved in the development of new household appliances, furniture, vehicles or even buildings. A high level of creativity is required to work in this field, and those who excel can command a salary that can reach six-figures.

Industrial Engineering Degree FAQs

What Types of Degree Programs Are Available in Industrial Engineering?

Online programs in industrial engineering typically come in master's degree and doctoral degree variations. Since this field is a specialized area of study within engineering, it is common for most students to have already obtained a bachelor's degree in traditional engineering.

What Additional Topics Do Online Industrial Engineering Programs Cover?

In traditional engineering programs, students learn the basics of the industry including mathematics, chemistry, design, physics and more. In a master's degree program in industrial engineering, one can expect to expand on those topics with a specific focus on technology, manufacturing and analysis.

What Can I Do With an Industrial Engineering Degree?

Those who work in the industrial engineering field are typically creative, highly intelligent and have a unique way of coming up with solutions for a variety of problems. Once you successfully complete your degree program in industrial engineering and find employment in the field, you can expect to work on many different projects.

As stated earlier, you may develop new automobiles, furniture or appliances. You may find yourself working for the government, a management firm or a consulting company.

One of the more common aspects of the job is coming up with effective and efficient ways to increase production. The employment potential is nearly endless with a degree in industrial engineering.

Is an Online Degree Program in Industrial Engineering as Recognized as a Campus-Based Program?

Since many of the industrial engineering degree programs available online are developed by accredited colleges and universities, the degrees earn equal acceptance to those awarded in a traditional campus setting. The curriculum is also identical in most cases, meaning that online students receive the exact same course of instruction as students who attend college full-time.

The primary difference between the two learning options is that by enrolling in an online degree program, you have the flexibility to complete the program according to your own schedule. This is very beneficial since you won't have to worry about giving up a job or other obligations in order to continue your education.

What Skills Are Beneficial for Those Seeking an Associate's Degree in Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering requires advanced comprehension of math and science topics. The ability to analyze problems from both a technical and creative standpoint is a highly sought after combination in the industrial engineering job market. A strong desire to understand how things are made and how they function once manufactured is also helpful.

What Salary Can I Expect to Earn as an Industrial Engineer?

Earning potential increases for those who decide to further their education at the bachelor's and master's degree level. It is not unheard of for top-level positions related to industrial engineering to garner a yearly salary of $85,000 or more.

What Classes Are Included in an Online Industrial Engineering Degree?

An online industrial engineering degree includes a variety of classes to prepare students for work as engineers or in a related field. Typically, the core curriculum at distance learning schools includes math, science and engineering job skills training. These classes are also coupled with technology, design and communications studies.

What Type of Hands-On Training Will I Receive With an Online Industrial Engineering Degree?

Distance learning schools encourage students to get hands-on job skills training as part of their studies. Students taking classes to earn an industrial engineering degree online may need to visit a campus or a working environment at some point during their classes in order to learn more about industrial engineering before they graduate.

What Is the Job Market Outlook for Industrial Management Masters Graduates?

Production is the backbone of an economy, so those who know how to manage factories to operate efficiently are in high demand. While the market fluctuates depending on the strength of the economy, overall job prospects in this field are promising because they are so essential.

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