Investigating Human Behavior: Behavioral Science Degree

Behavioral science is a field that encompasses such topics as psychology, sociology, anthropology and social networks. Students fascinated with human behavior and development will likely find an online behavioral science degree to be exciting and rewarding. Behavioral science is often applied to animals and wildlife, as well.

Behavioral Science Degree FAQs

What Types of Behavioral Science Jobs Are Available?

A degree in behavioral science leads to a variety of potential career paths. Graduates interested in human behavior often go on to successful corporate careers in human resources or marketing departments.

Animal behavioral science majors can look forward to working in zoos, wildlife management or agricultural studies. Completion of a master's or doctorate in behavioral science often results in a teaching or research position at a college or university.

What Topics Are Studied in a Behavioral Science Degree Program?

Students typically choose to specialize in either human studies or animal studies. Research-based and operational-based programs allow students to learn specialized skills for the desired career path. Common classes for a behavioral science degree program include human/animal development, management, communication, psychology and sociology.

Can I Minor in Behavioral Science Online?

Some online students choose to strengthen a business administration degree with a minor in behavioral science. This combination is ideal for individuals interested in corporate sector careers such as human resources and organizational behavior. Online MBA programs often focus heavily on behavioral science topics, as well.

What Is the Behavioral Science Degree Job Outlook?

Experienced behavioral science graduates often find job opportunities in offices, social service agencies, prisons and hospitals. Many individuals with a doctorate go on to teach at the college level.

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