Training For A Career In The Big Leagues: Sports Management Degree

Sports offers entertainment, but it is also a business that requires the skills of professionals to run efficiently. However, the sports-related job market can be highly competitive, so a degree in sports management is a great way to gain an advantage in the field. Obtaining a sports management degree can provide you with the opportunity to combine your passion with business with your love for sports. This type of degree can assist you with with the law, finance, management and marketing requirements of sports organizations. Whether you want to represent athletes or represent franchise sales, a sports management degree is one of the best ways to get on the inside track to victory.

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Sports Management Degree Information

Associate in Arts in Sport Management Degree

Many students use an associate’s degree as a stepping stone and to learn the fundamentals of the field in which they are interested. The Associate in Arts in Sport Management degree is a program that can generally be completed in two years of full time studying. This type of degree often has the option to continue towards a bachelor’s degree as well. In addition to required topics, such as sociology of sport and sport administration, this type of degree usually enables students to choose from optional topics, such as sport fund-raising, sport financing, sport legal liability and risk management, sport public relations and promotions, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management is a four year degree program that is aimed at students interested in working as a professional in the field of sport management. In addition to general education and core competency requirements, this type of degree usually features major courses such as sport marketing, sport finance, communication in sport, sport law, administration and organization in sport and recreation, sport facilities and events, and more.

Master of Science in Sport Management

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and are interested in leadership or management roles within the industry can opt for a master’s degree in sports management. This type of degree generally takes about a year to complete and may consist of a number of required courses along with a choice of electives. Required courses may include sport sociology, sport finance, sport marketing, and issues in sport while electives range from sport ethics, athlete activism in sport and society, and athlete development to sport psychology and sport mass media. Usually an advanced capstone project is also required after completing a certain amount of credit hours.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Sports Management Degree FAQ

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study For A Sports Management Degree?

While not necessary, having an interest in sport can be beneficial if you want to study sports management and work in the industry. It is also a field where some knowledge and interest in management, leadership and finance can be to your advantage. Because of the business related aspects of the field, it is essential to have good organizational skills as well as great oral and written communication skills. Critical thinking skills are also important, the ability to solve problems effectively and being comfortable working as part of a team. Students who want to earn this type of degree online will need to be committed and have strong self discipline in order to succeed. Finally, being able to speak more than one language can be a huge advantage as sports management is a global industry with opportunities all across the globe.

Can This Type of Degree Be Earned Online?

Online courses are available to students who want to earn a degree in sports management, but are unable to attend traditional campus based classes. Studying online enables students to schedule their study time around their work or family obligations and not the other way around. Online degree programs tend to more affordable than their campus based counterparts, while still offering the same level of quality. With a good online sports management degree program you’ll earn the same degree that you would have received on campus. While all the required coursework for a sports management degree can be completed online, some courses require an additional internship experience before graduation. As always, look for a program that is accredited.

What Type of Jobs Might Be Available To Students With A Sports Management Degree?

There are numerous potential career paths that are available to students with a sports management degree. These range from marketing and advertising to event management, facility and arena management, private enterprises, promotions and many others. Students with this type of degree have gone on to work in fields such as athletic administration, sports business merchandise, media, live events, facilities and much more. Opportunities are also available at all levels of the sport, from youth and amateur up to club and professional.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed In The Field of Sports Management?

Because there are so many possible career paths in sports management, it can be hard to pinpoint exact salary figures. The diversity of jobs in this field also means that there can be a large gap between the highest and lowest income groups in sports management. Your location also plays an important role in determining your potential salary as bigger cities tend to have more opportunities as well as higher paying positions. According to occupational employment statistics published by the United Statues Bureau of Labor Statistics, agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes earns an annual mean wage of about $89,590. Some people also choose to work on the advertising and marketing end of the spectrum where advertising, promotions and marketing managers can earn about $127,560 per year.

What Are The Other Benefits To Studying For A Sports Management Degree?

If you are a fan of sports, earning a sports management degree and working in the industry can be very fulfilling. Depending on your career path and success, it can also be a great opportunity to meet and work with leading figures in the sports industry.

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