Working On The Cutting Edge of Science: Robotics Degree

Do you find yourself marveling at the technology and not the people when watching science-fiction movies? Are you fascinated with artificial intelligence and the way in which robotics can change the future? Well, thanks to a robotics degree you can take your passion from fiction to science. Studying in the field of robotics can help place you at the cutting edge of science and engineering. It is a field with ties to everything from aerospace and automotive to industrial automation and defense, which can provide you with skills that are in demand. Robotics has quickly evolved from science fiction to something that is becoming a part of daily life, which makes it a fast growing and very exciting industry to work in.

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Robotics Degree Information

Robotics/Automated Systems Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree

Completing a two-year AAS degree in robotics can help to prepare you for a career in the robotics industry. Common course topics include robotic programming, robot controller maintenance, transducers, industrial electronics and more. Upon completing this type of course students should have sufficient knowledge to work as field service engineers, production systems technicians, automated systems machine builders and other robotics related jobs.

Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering

Completing a robotics engineering program doesn’t just mean studying robots, but usually also means designing and building them. With a bachelor’s level course you are typically familiarized with with core disciplines related to the field, such as mechanical engineering, computer science and more. Completing this degree usually takes about four years and the topics covered can include mechanical systems, kinematics, embedded systems, system design tools and industrial robotics.

Master of Science In Robotics Degree

Applying for a Master of Science in Robotics program typically requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science. In additional to foundational areas, such as Control, Perception, Mechanism Design and Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence, this type of course can also include topics like hybrid systems, machine perception, control system design and mechatronics.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Robotics Degree FAQ

Can Robotics Degrees Be Earned Online?

There are institutes that offer online degree programs in the field of robotics, mostly at the master’s level. To earn this type of degree online you’ll either participate in live or self-paced sessions. Some online courses are also hybrid in format as they require you to visit a campus in order to complete the laboratory components. For the online portion of these courses you need a computer with a stable internet connection. Some of the services typically offered by institutions that offer online courses in this field include online chat, social discussion forums, digital textbooks and online management of coursework.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study In This Field?

There is no getting around it, if you want to study in the field of robotics then it is essential that you have a good grasp of mathematics. Algebra as well as geometry are both vital for this field, so it really helps if you are not knowledgeable about these subjects, but also have a passion for them. Science, especially physics, is another important component of robotics, so it can be of great use to have a solid understanding of the subject. Not only can science prepare you on how mathematics can be applied to problems in the real world, but will also provide you with an understanding of concepts that are vital to robotics, such as electrical circuits, mechanics and energy. The ability to program is another useful skill in this field and a lot of people tend to enter this field via computer science. Since robotics require you to master a lot of challenging concepts in areas such as math, electronics and physics, it is essential that you have a genuine passion for these subjects. Of course, having a love for gadgets and working with your hands will also be useful. Since this field is quite collaborative it will be an advantage if you are able to work well in a team.

What Type of Career Options Are Available After Obtaining a Robotics Degree?

The most common professions for students who are interested in robotics are robotics engineers and robotics technicians. In both cases there are also different types of specialties within the field to choose from that can determine what jobs are available to you. Since robotics are used in a variety of diverse industries, there are a lot of potential career paths to take. Amongst the companies that employ robotics professionals are those in agricultural, automotive, electronics, packaging, aerospace and manufacturing sectors amongst many others.

What Might My Duties Include When Working In The Field of Robotics?

Once again, because there are so many different uses for robotics, the type of duties you might have will depend on the industry and position in which you work. Tasks can include everything from designing artificial limbs to calibrating equipment and programming software. The most common tasks for those working in the field of robotics are robot installation and removal, robot maintenance and repair, programming and reprogramming, and failure analysis testing.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn While Working In This Field?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the 2015 median pay for mechanical engineers, which includes robotics engineers, was about $83,590 per year. According to, the states with the highest potential hourly wage for robotics engineers are the District of Columbia, Alaska, Maryland and Alabama.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Robotics?

While other people watch robots on television or in movies you get to create them yourself if you work in this field. This means that instead of sitting back and watching the future unfold, you can be an active part of it. Robots are becoming more useful by the day in making jobs safer and more efficient, which means creating them can be very rewarding. Knowing that your creations can potentially help to save lives is also extremely gratifying.

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