Making Sure That High Standards of Quality Are Maintained: Quality Control Technology Degree

Do you have a passion for quality and would love to protect consumers from products that are flawed or dangerous? Would you enjoy ensuring that companies are accountable for the items they manufacture? If so, you will probably find a career in quality control technology very fulfilling. Completing a degree in this field offers you the opportunity to learn all about the technical standards employed by various industries as well as what the proper procedures are for testing and inspecting. Thanks to the work performed by those in the quality control technology industry, consumers can enjoy better and safer products.

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Quality Control Technology Degree Information

Quality Technology Certificate

For students who want to increase their understanding of data analysis as well as technical skills, a quality technology certificate can be a good first step. Completion of this type of program usually also serves as good preparation for the Certified Quality Exam, which is administered by the American Society of Quality. Required courses for this certificate can include metrology, quality science statistics and statistical proc engineering.

Associate of Applied Science in Quality Technology

The Associate of Applied Science in Quality Technology degree is a two year program and usually requires graduates to have minimum achievements in reading, writing and math before enrollment. Some of the courses that you might have to complete as part of this degree includes statistical process control, root cause analysis, quality audit, total quality management, metrology, and design of experiments. An associate’s degree can help prepare you for working as a research analyst, construction inspector or a quality assurance technician.

Bachelor of Science in Quality Systems

Completing a bachelor degree in this field opens up the possibility of higher demand as well as higher paying positions for your skills. In order to qualify for this type of course you typically need an applied associate’s degree from an accredited institution as well as work experience in the field. Core courses can include foundations of lean, auditing change services, synchronous quality planning and more.

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Quality Control Technology Degree FAQs

Are There Online Options Available For Studying In This Field?

Although associate and bachelor’s degree programs in this field can be hard to find online,, many of the courses for a master’s degree programs are available in an online format for working professionals who want to build on their knowledge. Online courses in this field are generally aimed at people who already have work experience in this field as well as previous degrees related to quality control. The bachelor’s degrees that are available online are generally aimed at students at students who have already completed most of their lower-division general courses. Additionally, online courses are available in areas such as nondestructive testing, quality improvement and statistical quality control. Completing these type of courses online enables you to study at your own pace and in a comfortable environment without having to disrupt your schedule or travel to external campus locations.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Quality Control Technology?

Students who are interested in a quality control technology major will benefit from having strong scientific and mathematical skills. A prior knowledge of subjects such as statistics and physics will also give you an advantage. Having an eye for detail is a good skill to have in this field as well as being able to think on your feet. Most jobs involving quality control require you to have good problem solving skills as well as the ability to quickly identify flaws and deal with them efficiently. Studying quality control technology is a good degree choice if you are by nature curious about the way that things work and have strong analytical skills.

What Type of Careers Are There Available With A Quality Control Technology Degree?

Since a quality control technology degree teaches you how to improve the quality as well as safety of manufacturing projects, it can make you an asset to various industries. Typical jobs for someone with this type of qualification includes project engineers, plant managers, quality control technicians, quality control managers, quality control specialists and quality engineers.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Working In This Field?

The type of day to day tasks you might have when working in the field of quality control technology will differ depending on your employer as well as your job description. Because modern manufacturing environments tend to be highly automated you can expect to be involved in virtually every stage of the process while assisting engineers when working as a quality technician. Your job might require you to be involved in the measurement of product parts or the analysis of data to ensure that proper quality control standards are being maintained. The work done by people in this field are invaluable to their employers as they ensure the integrity of the product that is being manufactured. Without the input and guidance of quality technicians, companies can face not only dwindling sales due to poorly made products, but also potential lawsuits if products are found to be harmful or unsafe.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Employed In This Industry?

The type of salary you can potentially earn will depend on the industry in which you are working, your specific duties as well as the size of the establishment where you are employed. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, quality control inspectors earned a median pay of $39,140 or $18.82 per hour during 2019.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Quality Control Technology?

When assisting with the quality control process, you are not only helping to improve the quality of products, but also the satisfaction of customers and ultimately the image of the manufacturer. This can influence the sales of the product, the production techniques as well as overall employee morale. This also means that the job can be very rewarding.

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