Bridging The Gap Between Organizations & The Public: Public Relations Degree

Everyone, from individuals who operate in the public eye to organizations, would like to maintain a positive image. If you would like to be the person who they turn to in order to help develop and manage that public relationship, then studying public relations is the best way to start. As a professional in the field you will be required to use your communication skills in person, through media and via social outlets to maintain the public image of your clients. It is a dynamic and interesting career field with lots of challenges, but can be very rewarding for those with a passion for communication. If you have the energy and creativity to generate positive attention, then the fast-paced environment of public relations is worth considering.

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Public Relations Degree Info

Because public relations is such a competitive field, it is very beneficial to have a degree. It is not unusual for people with majors in journalism or communications to move over to the PR field, but enrollment in a course that is targeted at public relations is usually a better option. The typical level of education for most people entering this occupation field is a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s In Public Relations

Completing your bachelor’s degree in public relations will help teach you to handle all of the basics required for a job in PR, such as writing press releases and communicating with the media. Completing the course typically takes about four years and can include business communication, advanced copy-writing, mass communications and strategic planning concepts.

Public Relations Degree FAQs

What Options Do I Have TO Continue My Education After Earning A Degree?

After earning your bachelor’s degree in public relations, you can then also obtain accreditation with groups such as the International Association of Business Communicators or the Public Relations Society of America. However, both typically require you to not only have a few years of experience in the industry, but also to pass comprehensive exams.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and want to improve your chances when in regards to senior positions in the field you can also aim for a master’s degree in business, journalism or communications to improve your knowledge. Doing so is also beneficial if you plan on one day working as a PR consultant or being self-employed.

What Are My Career Options After Studying Public Relations?

When working as a public relations professional there are a lot of organizations to choose from that can make use of your skills. These not only include public relations firms and consultancies, but also corporations, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, sports teams, hospitals, colleges, religious institutions, political organizations and many others. With the skills and knowledge gained through studying public relations you may be able to pursue a career in international relations, reputation management, media relations, employee relations, investor relations, corporate relations, community development and much more. People who complete this type of course often also become press agents, copywriters, feature writers or event planners. Your studies in this field also provide you with a strong foundation in communications, which is useful for any type of job. The PR field is also one where you can work as a consultant once you have gained the required skills.

What Type of Responsibilities Can I Expect In A Public Relations Career?

When working in public relations you may be responsible for anticipating and analyzing, as well as interpreting the opinions of the public. You might also be required to develop programs that can improve public understanding or implementing efforts to either influence or change public policy. A career in public relations also tend to require a lot of writing. It is the type of career field where you might have to spend a lot of time strategising on behalf of your clients. Your duties will also tend to include conveying key messages to both internal as well as external audiences. In general, your job will involve more than just making your client seem great, such as helping to mitigate harmful negative publicity, speaking on behalf of clients and even educating audiences about important issues.

What Skills Is It Possible To Learn Through Studying Public Relations?

Studying public relations can help you to increase your communication skills. This includes not only verbal communication, but also across other media, such as writing, video, information management, and social media. Depending on the type of course you complete you’ll also gain a better understanding of topics such as ethics, the principles of management, political science, public policy and social psychology. In addition, it can help you to hone your skills in areas like public-issue analysis, community engagement, publications and opinion research.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Online Public Relations Classes?

To be successful in public relations it helps a lot of you are creative and have an outgoing personality. You also need to have plenty of energy as well as the ability to thrive under pressure. Excellent communication skills are a definite plus and you must be committed to learning as much as possible about consumer behavior, current events and popular culture. The ability to command attention and gain trust are also essential for those who want to work in public relations. Finally, it helps a lot to be confident, persuasive and a quick thinker. It is certainly not an ideal field for those who are shy, but if you are assertive and outgoing you will be in your element.

What Is The Median Salary For Public Relations Specialist?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public relations specialists earned a median pay of about $61,150 per year during 2019. They also estimate that employment in this field is projected to grow by 6 percent up until 2024, which is as fast as the average for other occupations. For public relations and fund-raising managers the median yearly salary is about $116,180.

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