University of Illinois at Chicago

Introduction to University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC's origins trace back to several public health colleges operating in Chicago during the 19th century. While UIC was not the first official University of Illinois, it is the largest school in the University of Illinois system. With 16 different colleges functioning within the university, students can receive education in liberal arts, engineering, education, architecture, social work, urban planning and business administration.

Even though UIC includes a variety of studies, it specifically maintains a commanding presence in public health research. Students can train for healthcare careers in medicine, dentistry, applied health sciences, public health, nursing and pharmacy.

UIC offers semester classes during the fall and spring, along with two optional summer sessions. Students can also choose to take distance learning classes to earn online degrees in medicine, engineering, business administration, nursing, public health and engineering. This option allows students to acquire the job skills and training needed to pursue careers without putting other obligations on hold.

Student Life at University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC has a diverse population of students from all backgrounds. The school has an active Greek community, student government and intramural sports program. Students can also met new people by joining academic, athletic and special interest organizations.

FAQs on University of Illinois at Chicago

Is University of Illinois at Chicago Accredited?

The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges accredits UIC. Many of the university's individual colleges and programs have further accreditation from additional organizations.

What Are Some Requirements for University of Illinois at Chicago?

Prospective students undergo evaluations based on their previous academic success. Applicants should submit a completed application, ACT or SAT scores, official high school transcripts and a personal statement.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From University of Illinois at Chicago?

UIC's financial aid office helps students fill out financial aid forms and determine which types of aid will benefit them most. The office also has information about grants and scholarships. Counselors can be reached at (312) 996-3126.

What Are the Career Possibilities With University of Illinois at Chicago?

UIC is well known for providing the appropriate training students need to succeed in the healthcare industry. However, students also have the opportunity to study other subjects that can prepare them for jobs in engineering, education, social work, architecture, business and urban planning.

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