Union Institute & University

Introduction to Union Institute & University

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Union Institute and University gives students the opportunity to learn from distinctive instructors without having to attend many classes on campus. Some online degree programs take place completely through distance education.

The school originally began as a consortium of liberal arts colleges that wanted to experiment with new ways to reach students. The consortium has held several names throughout its history. In 2001, the school was given its current name.

Union Institute and University has several programs that students can choose from, including bachelor's and master's degrees in the arts and sciences. Students can earn some graduate and undergraduate degrees online in order to gain the skills and training needed to advance in their careers.

Student Life at Union Institute and University

Students from all backgrounds take advantage of the low residency online degree programs that Union Institute and University offers. Many students choose the school because they can earn degrees in criminal justice, literature, health and wellness, psychology, leadership and other fields while continuing to meet obligations to work and family. Since the student body consists of so many people from different geographic areas, student interaction can serve as a gateway to new perspectives on education, careers and life in general.

FAQs on Union Institute & University

Is Accredited Union Institute and University?

Yes, Union Institute and University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

What Are Some Requirements for Union Institute and University?

Union Institute and University accepts students who can benefit from the structure of their degree programs. Admission requirements differ for each program, but the university attempts to place non-traditional students in programs that will allow them to be successful. Students who are concerned that they might not meet requirements should contact admissions to discuss their options.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Union Institute and University?

Union Institute and University has a financial aid office that can help you find appropriate financial aid programs. They provide students with information regarding federal loans, grants and work study opportunities. Union Institute and University's financial aid office also offers information about university and third-party scholarships.

What Are the Career Possibilities With Union Institute and University?

Union Institute and University provides students with many educational opportunities that can equip them with the skills they need to begin rewarding careers in the current job market. Some of the programs offered by Union Institute and University prepare students for careers in education, criminal justice, medicine, healthcare, administration and psychology.

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