Revera College

Introduction to Revera College

Revera College provides busy adults with an efficient way to get certified in a number of hot career fields. The distance learning methodologies allow students to complete classes quickly to get a promotion or to move to an all-new career.

Students can complete coursework for medical billing in 20-30 weeks. Distance education coursework related to 3D animation, web design and professional business can be completed in 40-50 weeks.

Student Life at Revera College

Students at Revera College typically have full-time jobs already, work part-time or take care of their families. The distance education allows students to focus on their job skills training and work on assignments or complete tests at times that work for their schedules.

FAQs on Revera College

What Are Some Requirements for Revera College?

Revera College accepts all enrolling students who have a GED or a high school diploma into their distance education programs. Students who wish to apply, but who do not have a GED or diploma can take a test to qualify for entry into Revera College. ACT and SAT tests are not required to enroll in the distance learning college.

Students who do not have a high school diploma or GED can still apply to Revera College. Entrants must take a basic skills test and receive a score that's acceptable by the distance learning school. The basic skills test measures numerical, reading and writing skills. Students can take the test by proctor at their college of choice.

Students are admitted to Revera College without consideration to race, religion, national origin, handicap or sex.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Revera College?

Revera College offers a student loan to qualifying students to help them pay for the distance learning school. The university also works with private lenders to provide financial aid options to students.

In addition, the distance education college offers scholarships to qualified and eligible students. Students enrolled at Revera College can apply for the school's scholarship with an application that outlines financial need, career aspirations and details about community involvement.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Revera College?

Revera College graduates can look forward to exciting careers in medical billing, web design, 3D animation or business. Companies constantly hire people who have these skills, so appropriate job skills training from a distance education school can help clear the path to this new career. In addition, many students find that they can freelance, working with staffing agencies or design agencies and directly with clients to provide them with business or design services.

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