Penn Foster College

Introduction to Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College started in 1890, when Thomas J. Foster, a newspaperman, created the distance learning school to help coal miners who were unable to attend a regular school. More than 13,000,000 students have enrolled in Penn Foster College since inception.

Students can earn high school diplomas, associate's and bachelor's degrees at Penn Foster College. In addition, there are a number of degree programs online that provide training for skilled trades.

Student Life at Penn Foster College

Students working toward distance education from Penn Foster College are often employed full-time. Many enrolling students at the distance learning school wish to change career paths or further their careers through promotions or jobs with increased responsibilities.

FAQs on Penn Foster College

Is Penn Foster College Accredited?

The Distance Education and Training Council accredits Penn Foster College. In addition, the distance education program is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and sanctioned to award associate of science degrees. The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service has studied and suggested college credit for almost 200 major/minor programs offered by Penn Foster College.

What Are Some Requirements for Penn Foster College?

The requirements to attend Penn Foster College vary in relation to what you want to study or which degree you would like to earn. Students at the distance learning school who want to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree must have a high school diploma or GED upon enrollment. Vocational programs frequently do not have any minimum educational requirements.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Penn Foster College?

Penn Foster College offers a variety of methods for students to save on tuition. Military tuition reimbursement and veteran education benefits help military personnel pay for classes at the distance learning school. Students can also make monthly payments using credit cards and debit cards.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Penn Foster College?

Business, criminal justice, healthcare, paralegal, graphic design, IT, early childhood education, veterinary technician and engineering are just a few of the online degree programs and areas of study offered at this distance education school. Students who successfully complete a certificate or degree online will have plenty of impressive qualifications and training that they need to find a new job or to earn a promotion at a current job. Alumni career services from Penn Foster College help students with job placement in their communities.

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