Peirce College

Introduction to Peirce College

Peirce College established in 1865. The traditional and distance learning school is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peirce College offers classes to adult students throughout the U.S. and points beyond. Faculty members at the distance education college have master's degrees and many of them have teaching experience and on-the-job experience in their respective fields.

Student Life at Peirce College

Students who graduated from Peirce College in 2006 ranged in age from 20 to 60. The average age of graduates from the distance learning school was 35 years old. Students who graduated from Peirce College are U.S. citizens or hail from one of twelve countries outside of the U.S.

In general, students at the distance learning college are adults who already work in a full-time job. They attend classes and pursue knowledge and a degree for career advancement in their spare time.

FAQs on Peirce College

Is Peirce College Accredited?

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredits Peirce College. In addition, the distance learning university is sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to award bachelor of science and associate's degrees in science. Peirce College has further endorsements from the American Bar Association and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

What Are Some Requirements for Peirce College?

The requirements for entrance into Peirce College will differ according to your individual degree program. Students who wish to pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree will need to have their GED or high school diploma.

Students who plan to pursue a master's degree will need to have their bachelor's degree already. Online programs of study that do not result in a degree may not have any educational requirements.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Peirce College?

Many students who attend Peirce College receive some sort of financial aid. Scholarships, grants, loans, tuition reduction partnerships with select corporate and community partners and federal work-study programs are some ways that students pay for distance education classes.

What Are the Career Possibilities From Peirce College?

The three major areas of study at Peirce College are business administration, information technology and paralegal studies. Students who graduate from the distance education program will be prepared to work in a variety of industries and in a number of jobs. Many people embark on a program of study that enables them to remain working with their current employers, but also makes them eligible for promotions.

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