Nichols College

Introduction to Nichols College

Nichols College is located in Dudley, Massachusetts. Originally founded as Nichols Academy in 1815 by Amasa Nichols, the school received a lot of support from such beneficiaries as Samuel Slater, the "founder" of the Industrial Revolution.

After World War II, the school began expanding its campus size and enrollment. According to Nichols College, one in ten graduates go on to become business owners, CEOs or corporate presidents.

Student Life at Nichols College

The rolling hills of the New England town of Dudley provide a charming backdrop, and its location is within an hour of other major cities. The faculty at Nichols College has real-word experience that they bring to their classroom teachings. Classes involve team-based learning through interacting with peers, as students work in small groups on projects and case studies.

The four-year Professional Development Seminar (PDS) is an example of how Nichols helps students land jobs by teaching resume writing skills, interviewing techniques, networking and so on. Around 90 percent of students participate in intramural sports, clubs and organizations, while Nichols competes in NCAA Division III athletics.

FAQs on Nichols College

Is Nichols College Accredited?

The New England Association of School and Colleges accredits Nichols College.

What Are Some of the Requirements for Nichols College?

Admission to Nichols College relies on high school curriculum, grade point average, class rank and general academic achievement. Students considering applying to Nichols college need to submit verification of high school graduation or an equivalency diploma, as well as SAT test scores, the application for admission and a nonrefundable application fee.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Nichols College?

Nearly all Nichols students receive some sort of financial assistance. All students are encouraged to submit a FASFA form to determine government loan, grant and work study eligibility. Scholarships are available and based on need or merit, such as the Dudley/Webster Commuters Scholarship or the Col. James L. Conrad Memorial Scholarship.

What Are the Career Possibilities With Nichols College?

Nichols' alumni are well connected, bringing their businesses to student job fairs in the hopes of recruiting Nichols graduates. Students are required to take classes in liberal arts and business. There is a variety of business major concentrations to choose from, including accounting, legal studies, finance, marketing, sports management, communications, international business, management information systems, arts and entertainment, economics and human resources.

The school also offers a five-year program in which students can complete a B.S. and MBA. The Nichols Graduate College of Business offers an MBA with varying concentrations, including finance, international business, economics, securities, sports management and organizational management.

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