Concord Law School

Introduction to Concord Law School

In 1998, Concord started the first interactive online law degree program, serving students across the country. The school merged with Kaplan University in late 2007, making it the first online law school and a subsidiary of the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. Today, Concord continues its outreach efforts in admitting bright legal minds into its online degree programs.

Student Life at Concord Law School

As an online distance learning provider, Concord offers the kind of flexibility not found in most law schools. The school also has a part-time program for working professionals with outside responsibilities that may interfere with attending school full-time.

In both the JD and EJD programs, students learn to analyze the legal problems of a client, research the case, develop an effective legal strategy and uphold legal responsibilities. Faculty has real-world law experience, while multiple learning formats cater to a variety of students. Video lectures, live online classes and individual tutorials are just some examples. There is also an extensive online law library for research.

FAQs on Concord Law School

Is Concord Law School Accredited?

The Distance Education and Training Council nationally accredits Concord Law School. It is also regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. However, students must take and pass California's first year law student examination in order to take the California State Bar Examination after graduation.

What Are Some Concord Law School Requirements?

To apply to Concord Law School, applicants should get in touch with an admissions representative to conduct an initial interview. Afterwards, all applicants have to take a Concord online admissions test. Applicants also need to send in official transcripts from previous colleges or universities.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From Concord Law School?

Concord Law School assists students with finding financial aid to cover or reduce their tuition costs. Students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application for federal funding in the form of loans and grants. Private lending and military financial aid are other options for those who qualify.

What Career Possibilities Does Concord Law School Offer?

The JD program is four years and 92 units, in which students must successfully complete at 22 units of classes each year. Students will use an interactive environment online to generate feedback and encourage interaction between students.

The EJD program is 72 units and three years long, teaching students a solid law background with specific tracks, such as health and criminal justice. Students who complete this are not eligible to sit for the California State Bar Examination.

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