Learning Rules and Regulations for the Road: Truck Driving Courses

Online truck driving courses prepare students for an exciting career on the road. Long-haul and short-haul truck drivers with appropriate job skills training are in high demand by locally owned, national and international companies. Students can get online truck driving course certification from qualified and accredited distance learning schools.Colleges and universities that offer jobs skills training for students interested in truck driving know that the job market is competitive. Instructors at distance learning programs provide up to the minute regulatory and safety information that's critical to an online truck driving course of study. Graduates of distance education institutions will be well equipped for taking the commercial driver's license test and beginning work as truck drivers.

Online Truck Driving Course FAQs

What Topics Are Covered in Online Truck Driving Courses?

Online truck driving courses vary by class but typically cover topics like shifting, braking and backing maneuvers and techniques. The course of study offered by accredited distance education schools also provides future truck drivers with insights into how diesel engines work and inspection, maintenance and repair basics.

Am I Required to Have a CDL to Get a Job as a Truck Driver?

The commercial driver's license, or CDL, is required to operate a truck that weighs more than 26,000 pounds. The CDL testing process is rigorous and includes a knowledge test and a driving test in order to qualify for the license needed to operate a truck. Online truck driving courses helps prepare students to pass the exams so that they can begin working in a new career immediately following graduation from a distance learning school.

Educational Requirements for Online Truck Driving Courses

Many online truck driving courses do not specify any educational requirements. However, hiring companies frequently require that employees have a high school diploma or GED. Students can take high school equivalency or diploma classes from a distance education school before or during the online truck driving course certification process.

Job Opportunities for Distance Learning University Graduates

Graduates of distance learning universities who followed an online truck driving course of study can find work as truck drivers. Truck drivers can work locally, driving around their community making deliveries and picking up cargo, or take long-haul trucking jobs that may require them to spend several nights away from home each month.

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