Making A Difference In The Lives of Everyone From Infants To The Elderly: Human Development Degree

Are you fascinated with families, as well as individuals, and the links that they have with social groups such as their communities? Would you like to follow a career path where you get to work with families and children? If so, you can increase your knowledge of the topics required for this field by completing a human development degree. It is a rewarding field for anyone who wish to make a difference in the lives of people while also promoting healthy family development. Earning a degree can help to prepare you for eventually finding ways to improve the social, cognitive and emotional behaviors of anyone from infants to elderly people. Human development can cover a wide range of aspects, which makes it a very interesting field of study.

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Human Development Degree Information

Associate in Science in Human Development and Family Studies Degree

Earning an Associate in Science in Human Development and Family Studies degree can help prepare students for entry-level positions in various human service fields. This type of course also typically provides students with a choice of which aspect of the field they would like to focus their students. Students who wishes to work with the elderly can choose the Adult Development and Aging Services option while those who want to work with more diverse age groups can opt for the Children, Youth and Family Services option. In addition to general education courses, this type of degree typically features courses like human development and family studies interventions, infant and child development, adolescent development, psychology and more. This type of degree typically requires 60 credits for completion.

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies Degree

Students can also opt for a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies degree, which is a 120 credit program. These credits are split up between prescribed courses, additional courses, supporting courses as related to the major and general education course. With this type of degree you can learn about the social, economical, biological and psychological changes that affect people and families over time. In addition, this type of degree covers different types of ethical, legal, and moral issues that you might encounter when working as a professional in this field. Course topics may include family development, family relationships, development and administration of human services programs, resolving human development and family problems and much more. Internship also tend to form a part of this type of degree program.

Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies Degree

Students who wish to become specialists in the field of human development and the study of families can complete a Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies degree. This type of degree aims to educate students about all of the relevant research methods and theories related to this field. Students typically learn about family systems and family interactions, how to effectively communicate when working with families or individuals as well as how to assess and improve the resources required by families and their communities. Courses may include human development, family studies, theoretical issues in child development and more. Electives or research may also form part of this type of degree along with a capstone.

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Human Development Degree FAQs

Can This Type Of Degree Be Earned Online?

Human development degree courses are available online, which is a flexible and convenient way to earn this type of degree. It is a great option for students who want to avoid lengthy commute time or obtain a degree without having to give up work or family duties. In addition to various degree programs, there are also undergraduate certificate courses available online for students who simply want to enhance their credentials or gain a better understanding of the subject. To enroll in an online course, all that is typically needed is a computer with an internet connection along with the necessary software.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Human Development?

Human development is a good choice for people who are not just great listeners, but are also passionate and caring. For careers in this field it is also important that you are tolerant and empathetic because you’ll be dealing directly with people. In addition, you need to have good problem solving skills, be respectful and flexible. As with most career paths, decision making is useful, as is the ability to manage time, manage people and writing and authoring.

What Type of Careers Are Available To Students With This Type of Degree?

Human development is a broad field with many different concentrations that can be followed depending on where your interest lies. Some students prefer child life concentration while others opt for a more gerontology concentration. Common career opportunities for people who obtain this type of degree include adoption case worker, counseling, elder care services, family law practitioner, early childhood development or education as well as community-based social services. There are also numerous potential jobs in fields like family life education, public health, family and consumer sciences and more.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With A Human Development Degree?

Because a degree in human development can open the door to so many different career paths your income potential will depend largely on the type of employment you opt for. For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the 2019 median pay for social workers was about $50, 470 while special education teachers earned a median pay of $61,030 per year during the same period. The job outlook for some careers in the field of human development are also better than others.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Human Development?

A degree in human development is not only useful for anyone that wants to work with people, but can also teach you skills that are valuable for any career path. One of the most important aspects of this degree is that it teaches you to look at issues from different perspectives instead of a fixed viewpoint. It can also help you with the way in which you interact with people on a daily basis because you’ll have a better understanding of why people behave in certain ways.

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