Setting New Trends: Hair Styling Degrees

Do you make sure that you are always in the know about exciting new hair styles and colors? Do you find that your friends are always consulting you before making any changes to their hair? If you would like to earn a living by advising and executing new hair styles for clients, then it is worth studying in the field of hair styling. It is a great career choice for people who are good with their hands and love bringing some exciting change to the lives of others instead of sitting behind a desk all day. Who knows, if you have extraordinary skills and a trend setting vision you might even end up working as a celebrity hairstylist one day.

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Hair Styling Degree Information

Generally courses in hair styling only lead to certificates, although there are cosmetology courses that can lead to an associate’s degree.

Hairstyling Diploma

A hairstyling diploma can teach you all the fundamentals of the industry, such as retailing, sanitation safety requirements and guest services. These types of courses also teaches you about trends and techniques in the industry along with how to cut, color and style hair. A diploma program can take up to two years to complete and might combine theory along with practical components. Some programs also require students to complete a set number of in-salon apprenticeship hours in order to become eligible to write their exam certification.

Associate’s Degree in Cosmetology

A degree in cosmetology provides training in several different areas, one of which is hair styling. Other topics that are usually covered include nail and skin care, make-up application and salon management. In contrast to a hairstyling diploma, completing a cosmetology degree also requires completing general education courses. Completing this type of degree can take about two years.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Hair Styling Degree FAQ

Can I Complete My Hair Styling Degree Online?

Hair styling is a very hands-on industry, which makes it tricky to complete related courses in a completely online format. Due to this, most of the courses are presented in a hybrid format. This means that you can study certain elements, such as business topics, laws and regulations pertaining to the industry, and safety practices online. The cutting and coloring, hair styling and other practical elements are then done in person at a campus or salon to provide you with the necessary experience. Online videos can provide you with examples of the techniques required to do well in this type of profession. Practicing as a hair stylist requires a license in all states, so make sure when choosing an online course that it meets all of the state requirements for taking a licensing exam. Online hair styling courses are the most beneficial to people who are already working in the industry and have experience, but would like to learn new skills and techniques. Some online courses are also geared towards the continuing education requirements that is needed to maintain a cosmetology license.

Who Are The Ideal Candidate To Study In This Field?

Working as a hair stylist is a job that is very dependent on your personality. This means that in addition to being good with your hands you should also have good communication skills and be able to talk easily with people because it is such a social occupation. Physical fitness also plays a big role as you need to spend a lot of time on your feet, which can take a toll on your body. It is not unusual to work in awkward postures or having to perform repetitive tasks on a daily basis.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working As A Hairstylist?

The 2015 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists earned between $17,620 and $47,410, with the median annual wage being $23,660. California and New York ranked as the states with the highest employment level for this occupation. The top paying states for this occupation is the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Washington with annual mean wages that all exceed the national averages. If you are a skilled hair stylist you can either be employed by a salon, open your own salon, or simply rent a space in a salon and work for yourself, which means it is a career that has a lot of stability. Some people who work in this field also do so on cruise lines and resorts or become sales representatives for professional brands. As far as career progression is concerned you might be able to work your way up to senior stylist or salon manager with enough experience, buy your own salon, or become a teacher.

What Might My Responsibilities Be As A Hair Stylist?

As a hair stylist people will turn to you for expert advice on the styles and colors that would work best for them. You will then have to make an assessment based on factors such as their hair color, texture and complexion. In addition to giving advice and guidance you will also be required to cut, color, style, straighten and curl hair depending on the needs of clients. You will have to deal with a lot of different client requests and should know how to duplicate a style from a photograph or picture. Depending on whether you work at a salon or own one of your own you might also have to take on additional duties such as making appointments, handling payments, keeping the salon clean and more. When starting out as a junior or trainee stylist you might be required to assist the stylists and do other small tasks such as making coffee or tea for clients.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Hair Styling?

Working as a hair stylist can be demanding, however, it is also the type of career where you get what you put into it. So, if you really have a passion for the industry, it will be very rewarding. It is the kind of job where you get to be artistic and creative on a daily basis and, if this is what gives you inspiration, then you will enjoy working in the industry. Hours are generally flexible and the work environment is one where you get to meet new people and share their stories on a regular basis, which means there is rarely a dull moment.

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