Developing Successful Academic Curriculum: Curriculum Degree

One of the most important aspects of the education system is the area of curriculum and instruction development and design. Individuals trained in this field are responsible for creating academic programs that satisfy the governmental, institutional and industry learning requirements. If you are interested in a career in this highly important an in-demand area of education, then successful completion of an online degree program in curriculum and instruction can help you reach your goal.

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Curriculum & Instruction Degree FAQs

What is the Curriculum for Curriculum & Instruction Online Programs?

Online curriculum and instruction programs will typically focus on certain components required for developing a successful academic curriculum for a given education level. This includes curricula theory and practice, psychology, motivational techniques, performance assessment, instructional design and methods of educational research, among others. To fully understand the curriculum of the online program you are interested in, please research the curriculum thoroughly or contact the enrollment advisor with your questions.

What Can I Do With a Curriculum & Instruction Degree?

There are a number of positions available for someone who has successfully completed their degree program in curriculum and instructions. Some of these occupations include course designer, curriculum developer, education or learning consultant, development advisor and training advisor.

Is a Degree in Curriculum & Instruction Only Useable in the Education Sector?

While most graduates go on to work in the educational sector, from elementary school through the university level, there are a large number of corporations that hire specialists in curriculum and instruction to develop their in-house corporate training programs.

What are the Responsibilities of a Curriculum Designer?

Curriculum designers are responsible for developing a certain curriculum for a given education level, program or topic. They can also train instructors, evaluate current learning materials and ensure that the current curriculum takes advantage of modern learning techniques and developments.

What is the Employment Forecast in the Curriculum & Instruction Field?

Due to the demand for higher education in the United States, it is understood that this is an area of education that will see continual growth. While they're not only important for ensuring that American students can compete academically on a global scale, curriculum and instruction professionals are responsible for these students getting the best education possible. Individuals who can perform successfully in this area will command a high income and experience increased job opportunities.

Can I Compete in the Job Market with a Degree from an Online Program in Curriculum & Instruction?

Absolutely. Today, many of the degree programs available online are provided by recognized and accredited colleges and universities. This makes the playing field even, as employers understand the quality of most online programs mirrors those programs found on the campus level. Additionally, full-time professionals who take their distance learning programs on their own time, while continuing to work their job, have proven to potential employers their dedication and drive in becoming the best employee they can be. For some corporations, this level of professionalism is highly attractive attribute in a potential job candidate.

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