Help Shape The Future of The Beauty Profession: Cosmetology Teacher Training

Do you have a passion for the beauty profession and a love for sharing your knowledge with others? Are you able to communicate with people in an engaging manner and explain concepts to them in a way that inspire them to do their best? If you have real-world experience in the cosmetology industry, but want to train a new generation to follow in your footsteps, then studying cosmetology teacher training is the way to do it. Being able to work in the industry as a cosmetology teacher requires completing your teaching credentials, but the result can be very rewarding. It provides you with the opportunity to guide emerging artists and help them to make their mark on the beauty world.

Cosmetology Teacher Training Info

Before working as a cosmetology teacher, you first need to have practical experience in the industry. In most cases the completion of an cosmetology program is also a must. These types of programs are usually at either a professional certificate or associate’s degree level. After achieving the require training and experience you will have to complete a cosmetology teacher education certificate program. Most of these programs are only available if you have cosmetology experience along with a valid cosmetology license. The exact requirements might vary from state to state, but in most cases it is essential that you have professional experience in the field. After working as a cosmetology teacher, you may also have to continue taking education courses every few years in order to maintain licensure.

Cosmetology Instructor Training Certificate

Courses to earn your cosmetology instructor training certificate can be completed at a cosmetology school or at a technical college. Over the course of this program you will learn classroom management as well as the techniques required to demonstrate the methods of cosmetology to students. Common course topics for this certificate program include lesson planning, student evaluations, teaching techniques and audio-video operations. During the course you might also be required to pass both a written as well as a practical examination. After the completion of your cosmetology instructor training certificate you can then take a state licensing examination. Most of the training programs focus solely on the teaching aspect of the industry, although you might also find some that provide refreshers of the skills and theories you will be sharing with your students. This is why it is important that you already have had enough work experience to hone your own skills and techniques.

Cosmetology Teacher Training FAQ

Can I Study Cosmetology Teacher Training Online?

Options are available to study cosmetology teacher training online, but generally these are hybrid courses. This means that while portions of your studies can be completed online, you might also have to travel to on-site or in-class locations for the practical parts of your course program. Although cosmetology teacher training is usually a full time course, there are part-time schedules available at some institutions for people who have to continue working while they are studying.

What Duties Might Be Required Of Me As A Cosmetology Teacher?

Your primary duty as a cosmetology teacher will be instructing aspiring cosmetologists on how to practice the techniques required to work in the industry. This can include the preparation as well as teaching of the required syllabus material, as well as mentoring the students. You will also have to test and grade the work and exams completed by your students. Some of the skills you will have to teach your students include styling hair, applying cosmetics, caring for client’s skin and performing manicures or pedicures.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates To Study Cosmetology Teacher Training?

The ability to teach others is one of the most important skills you can have as a cosmetology teacher. This also means that your communication as well as presentation skills has to be excellent. Other qualities that can help you to perform well in this industry is multi-tasking, organizational skills and interpersonal skills. As with any teaching profession, it will help a lot of you are patient and because it can involve long hours of standing you should also have enough physical stamina. It goes without saying that you should be comfortable with public speaking and be dependable. Since you might typically end up working at school with other educators, it is also useful to be able to work efficiently on a team.

What Job Opportunities Might Be Available To Me After Becoming A Cosmetology Teacher?

The primary focus of cosmetology teachers tends to be the classroom, so you may find opportunities to teach at beauty schools, nail schools, esthetics schools and similar institutions. However, depending on your skills and experience you might also be able to pursue a career as a workshop leader, public speaker, independent educational consultant or beauty school manager. Some cosmetology instructors even work for companies and distributors by traveling around the country to demonstrate products at conferences, events or shows.

What Will My Potential Income Range Be As A Cosmetology Teacher?

Although the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have any specific data for cosmetology teachers, they have listed the figures for vocational education teachers. According to their data, the median annual wage for workers in this sector is about $49,470 per year. However, top earners in the industry can earn up to $88,910 per year. The job outlook for cosmetology teachers are also pretty good as, according to BLS, employment of barbers, hairdress and cosmetologists is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Since qualified people are required to teach people in this field, there will always be a demand for good cosmetology teachers.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Cosmetology Teacher Training?

Not only do teaching positions generally come with better job security than working as a cosmetologist, but also provides you with the opportunity to shape the future of the industry. It is also a great way to improve your skills as teaching a topic is also one of the best ways to really learn it. Best of all, you can really make a difference in the lives of others and pass on your passion to your students in order to influence them in a positive manner.

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