Making The Voice of An Organization Heard: Corporate Communications Degree

Do you have the gift of gab and a head for business? Are you a strategic thinker who has a passion for communication and enjoy working with people? Well, with a corporate communications degree you can use these skills to your advantage. As technology and the internet continue to impact the way in which businesses traditionally handle marketing, public relations and advertising, skilled professionals are needed to address these new challenges. It is a field where you need to be creative and analytical, but it is great for anyone who would love a high-energy career. So, if you would like to craft impactful messages, take on communication based challenges and use your skills to help organizations achieve their goals, a corporate communications degree is one of the best places to start.

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Corporate Communications Degree Information

Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications Degree

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications helps to prepare you for working in the diverse areas of this fast growing field. This type of course typically teaches you how to create, as well as edit, writing for various public relations material and to communicate effectively during formal speeches, presentations and more. The knowledge needed for crisis communications, event management and media relations are usually also conveyed during this course. Course subjects can include media management, media psychology, communication research, managerial communication, corporate social responsibly and copy-writing. In most cases this type of degree can be earned in about four years.

Master of Arts in Corporate Communications Degree

Completing a Master of Arts in Corporate Communications degree can take an addition two years after the completion of a relevant bachelor’s degree. This type of program is geared towards expanding both your theoretical along with your practical knowledge of the field. It is also designed to hone the skills you will need to deal with communications in private or public companies along with organizations or institutions. In addition to a career path in corporate communications, earning a master’s degree in this field can also prepare you for teaching or corporate training. To graduate from this course a Capstone project or Master’s Thesis is typically required.

Master of Science in Corporate and Organization Communication

Instead of a Master of Arts degree, students can also opt for a Master of Science degree in Corporate Communication. This type of program usually consists of core courses that are required along with concentrations and electives. The core courses cover all the foundational communication skills, while the concentrations can include social media, leadership, project management as well as human resource management. Courses can include inter-cultural communication, crisis communication, ethical issues in organizational communication . Elective courses may range from personal branding and applied project management to digital era skills, negotiation, mediation and facilitation, and more.

Degree Programs you Might Like

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Corporate Communications Degree FAQ

Can This Type of Degree Be Earned Online?

Online programs are available for students to earn a degree in corporate communications while engaging in the same type of coursework received in a classroom setting. These online courses enable you to contact faculty members as well as other students using technological methods, so that you are not on your own. Coursework also tends to be flexible enough that all the requirements can be completed online at your own pace. In addition to receiving your coursework online, you might also have access to online libraries for research and academic resources. In addition to the programs that are specifically about corporate communications, this field is also commonly available as a concentration within general communications, marketing, businesses communications or public relations programs.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study In This Field?

In addition to good communication skills, to be successful in the field of corporate communication you also need to have strong writing skills. This is because this form of communication always has to be clear, concise and very engaging. The ability to work efficiently in a team atmosphere is very beneficial Working in corporate communications means always keeping up with the technological side of things, so it definitely helps to be tech savvy and willing to continually learn. Finally, the ability to remain calm and patient, even when under stress, is also essential.

What Types of Jobs Benefit From A Corporate Communications Degree?

A degree in corporate communications can be beneficial for a lot of industries. The skills and knowledge you acquire can be helpful in jobs ranging from sales consultant and account executive to speech writer, corporate recruitment and government affairs. People who have studied in this field also often end up working in human resources, media relations, organizational development and corporate management.

What Type of Duties Might I Have When Working In This Field?

Depending on your job description you might have a couple of different roles when working in the field of corporate communications. Typically the biggest responsibility is managing both internal and external communications for the business or organization. You might also have to create press releases, corporate social media identities and other types of communication material for the company. In addition, your job could also involve working with marketing and handling media relations. Non-profit organizations also make use of professionals in this field and might require you to execute as well as manage all their fund-raising activities.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working In A Corporate Communications Related Job?

The average salaries for people who work in this field tend to vary based on their experience, location and position within the company. The 2015 median pay for public relations specialists was about $56,770 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which also predicts a growth of 6% up until 20124 in terms of employment outlook. Public relations and fund-raising managers on the other hand can potentially earn a median pay of $104,140 per year according to the BLS.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying Corporate Communications?

The internet and social media not only caused a shift in the way we communicate, but also the amount of time spent doing so. Communication is essential for the exchange of information, but also to strengthen business and personal relationships. Studying in this field can provide you with valuable, employment enhancing, communication skills, but also other skills such as critical thinking and analysis. These are valuable in any industry as well as in your personal life. Finally, while the skills and knowledge you learn are applicable in the business sector, there are also other communication based industries that are in need of skilled professionals. This means it not only has the potential to increase your range of employment options, but can set you up for a career in a fast evolving and dynamic industry.

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