Seeing The Beauty of Practical Art: Commercial and Advertising Art and Design Degree

Are you creative and artistic, but have a head for business as well? If so, you’ll know that there is no reason to starve for your art when you could be using it for commercial gain. Getting your degree in commercial and advertising art will set you on a course to use your art for practical purposes. Instead of an art gallery where it will only be visible to a select few, your art could be adorning everything from product packaging to billboards and brochures. It is the ideal way to put the beauty of your art to more practical use and capture the publics attention. As Andy Warhol proved, commercial art can still be groundbreaking and innovative.

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Commercial and Advertising Art & Design Degree Information

When studying commercial and advertising art and design your coursework will be a mixture of art as well as business courses. Topics usually range from advertising theories and marketing principles on the business side to commercial illustration and graphic design on the art side.

Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Design

Completing a bachelor’s degree in this field usually takes about four years and tend to be the minimum academic qualification for jobs in art and design. Your course will include topics such as visual marketing, design technology, consumer psychology and more. After graduating from a bachelor’s degree program you will also have a polished portfolio, which will be invaluable when entering the job market.

Master’s Degree in Art & Design

Taking your art and design studies even further with a master’s degree can take an additional one to three years, but it can open doors in more advanced positions, provided you can back it up with enough experience. Those with a master’s degree in the commercial art and design field tend to find it easier to qualify for leadership or supervisory positions in the field. The course focuses on everything from traditional art forms to emerging technologies and usually requires you to complete a final project for graduation.

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Online Commercial And Advertising Art and Design Degree FAQ

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Work in The Commercial and Advertising Art & Design Field?

To thrive in the advertising art and design field you must be very creative as well as highly organized and free-thinking. However, it is equally important that you are driven to succeed and excel in both oral as well as written communication. Having an understanding of human motivation as well as social psychology will help you to excel even further in this field as these are vital to advertising. You should be able to multi-task efficiently and be able to work well with other team members.

What is The Difference Between Commercial Art and Fine Art?

The purpose of commercial or advertising art is the sale of services or goods. This is in contrast to fine art, which only exists for its own sake and not any commercial applications. Fine art can invoke a variety of emotions within people, but with commercial art the focus is on positivity towards the product or service as well as consumer spending. Commercial art often involves making ordinary items look extraordinary and larger than life or creating visual images out of something that is figurative.

What Can I Do With A Degree in Commercial and Advertising Art & Design?

As a commercial artist you will be able to put your creative skills to use in a variety of fields. You’ll work on designing everything from logos and billboards to advertisements, product packaging and book covers. The main focus of your work will tend to be to either sell or promote products or services. Your might also be required to create art that explains or informs potential buyers about certain topics. Typical employers include advertising agencies, advertising departments of larger companies and marketing departments as well as graphic design studios,television studies or other business in the advertisement field. Commercial artist are also commonly employed by the government as well as the health care industry. If you prefer more freedom you can even use your talent and skills to work as a freelance designer.

What Skills Will I Learn When Studying Commercial and Advertising Art & Design?

Because commercial art and design has so many practical applications you will learn a lot of valuable skills as well as concepts when studying in this field. These can include drawing and illustration techniques that range from the traditional to digital along with different aspects of photography and photo editing. You will also be taught about the role played by visual style in the commercial sector along with visual communication techniques. Depending on the type of courses you are doing you might also become skilled in various software packages, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

What is My Job Outlook and Salary Prospects in The Commercial and Advertising Art & Design Field?

There are a variety of different jobs in the field of commercial advertising and design, which also means that a lot of variation in salaries. Your income will be based on the type of role you fulfill as well as your experience in the field.

According to, the average pay for a commercial artist in the United States is about $35,475 per year. With enough drive and experience you can also eventually work your way up to marketing management positions, which pays a lot more. Working in the fields of advertising or public relations can also bring in more money.

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