Supporting The Financial Side of Business: Commerce Degree

Are you interested in the commercial activity that supports the financial side of every industry? Do you want to equip yourself with a range of useful managerial skills and the in-depth knowledge required to work in the commerce industry? If so, earning a commerce degree can give you an advantage when entering the global business environment. This type of course not only helps to develop your communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, but can also provide you with a great foundation for further studies or career paths.

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Commerce Degree Info

Bachelor of Commerce - General Degree

The Bachelor of Commerce is a a three to four year course that can be completed entirely online. Required courses tend to include introductory financial accounting, cost analysis, introduction to management, commercial law, business mathematics and business ethics. The purpose of this degree is to provide you with managerial skills as well as exposure to general business principles.

Master of Commerce

A Master of Commerce degree will enable you to continue building upon your existing strengths in the field of commerce. Completing the degree provides you with a strong foundation of business capabilities while also developing your skill set in the area in which you want to specialize. Topics that form part of this course tend to include communication, marketing, strategy, finance, consulting, organizational behavior and quantitative analysis. A Master of Commerce degree typically requires two years to complete. Admission into a Master of Commerce degree program usually requires an existing Bachelor’s or similar compatible degree. When enrolling in this type of degree program from a non-business background you might be required to either complete a bridging course or take part of an extended program.

Choosing A Concentration

When completing a commerce degree there are a couple of core business courses that form a mandatory part of your studies. However, depending on the institution where you are learning, you may also have the opportunity to choose a concentration. Doing so will enable you to specialize in an area of commerce, which will then influence the skills you learn and career direction you can pursue. Common concentrations include accounting, finance, marketing and international business. For example, when choosing to specialize in finance your course topics would include corporate finance, investment banking and asset management while specializing in marketing and management would focus on brand management, consumer behavior, project management and similar topics instead.

Commerce Degree FAQ

Can I Really Earn A Commerce Degree Online?

Earning an online commerce degree is ideal if you are already working and have limited time to attend classes or travel to a campus. Studying via the internet enables you to complete your degree on your own schedule, without it interfering with your work. It is also very beneficial if you already work within a commerce environment, as you can then apply what you are learning to real-world situations. Just because you are studying online doesn’t mean that you are on your own either. Many institutions provide you with resources such as technical support, academic experts as well as the ability to contact student advisors or program advisors. Interactions usually take place via e-mail, forums, chat rooms, instant messaging and video conferencing. Because of the flexibility of online commerce degrees you can also combine it with other degrees in order to earn even more marketable qualifications. Studying commerce online also frees you from geographical restrictions, so you can earn your degree in this field even if there are no physical campuses or programs available in your area.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates To Study Commerce?

To do well in the field of commerce it helps to be proficient in both maths as well as English. It is also a field where those with a high level of commitment along with an enterprising attitude can really excel. Good communication skills will be an asset, as will analytical and critical thinking. In addition, being good at time management and multi-tasking will also give you an advantage. Finally, some institutions require applicants to show proficiency in courses related to business, such as accounting and economics, as part of their admission requirements.

What Are My Potential Career Options After Studying Commerce?

The type of employment options that are available to you after earning a degree in commerce will depend largely on what type of major you have chosen. For example, those who specialize in accounting often go into auditing, business management or accountancy while students who major in finance usually choose to become stockbrokers, financial planners or financial advisors. There is a multitude of other jobs, from advertising account executive and valuer to management consultant and marketing officer that may be within your reach if you study commerce. Some graduates go on to become managers or consultants, while others use their knowledge in conjunction with their entrepreneurial spirit to become their own bosses. Institutions such as corporations, government agencies and small businesses all have a need for people with relevant commerce skills. When combined with other courses, a degree in commerce can open up even more career opportunities.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn After Graduating With A Degree In Commerce?

There are numerous career paths available to you if you have a degree in commerce and your potential income will depend on the type of work that you are doing. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median pay for accountants and auditors during 2015 was about $67,190 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analysts earned a median pay of $80,310 per year during the same period. Apart from the type of work that you end up doing, other factors such as your experience and location will also play a role in how much you may be able to earn.

What Are The Other Advantages To Earning A Commerce Degree?

With a commerce degree you can increase your chances of being successfully employed in the corporate, government as well as not-for-profit sectors. Thanks to the variety of majors that are offered in this degree you’ll also have access to a wider range of business fields.

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