Mastering The Language of The Corporate World: Business Communication Degree

Are you the type of person to whom it is important that you always get your point across in an efficient and effective manner? Do you have an interest in the way that individuals and groups of people communicate with each other. If so, you might be interested in studying business communications and learning the lingo that makes the business world tick. Communication has always had an important role to play in ensuring that a business functions efficiently, but technology has opened up brand new channels for doing so. Earning a degree in business communications can help you with mastering the skills required to step into leadership roles at companies or organizations. It can also help to prepare you for a variety of careers in the business world where communication is key.

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Business Communication Degree Information

Business Communication Certificate

A business communication certificate can take between a year and a half to three years to complete and can at some institutions count as an elective for students with a bachelor’s degree who want to go on to do a master’s degree. Courses that form part of this type of certificate may include Business Rhetoric, Principles of Legal Writing, Leadership Communications, Effective Communication, The Art of Communication, Fundamentals of Public Speaking and more. Depending on where the certificate is offered, students can usually choose which courses they want to take to fulfill the requirements for the certificate.

Bachelor Of Science in Business Communication

Some institutions that offer the Bachelor of Science in Business Communication degree enable students to choose a general program or concentrations, such as public relations or media studies. This type, of course, can typically be completed in three to four years. Core courses for this type of degree may include Human Resource Management, Marketing, Writing for the Digital Age, Principles of Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Crisis Communications, International Marketing Communications, and more. Elective courses and a capstone course may also have to be completed as part of the degree requirements in addition to general education courses.

Master of Science in Business Communication

Business communication is also available as a mater’s degree that can be completed in as few as 10 months. Core courses for this type of degree may include Integrated Marketing Communication, Organizational Leadership, Ethics and Business Decision Making, Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace, and Strategic Planning and Implementation. Some degree programs also provide students with the freedom to choose a concentration, such as Accounting, Organizational Leadership or Healthcare Management.

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Business Communication Degree FAQ

Is It Possible To Study For A Business Communication Degree Online?

There are a number of online institutions that offer the business communications degree as a fully online program. This provides students with the freedom to complete the course whenever and wherever is most convenient to them, without having to physically travel to a campus on a daily basis. This is especially valuable for students with existing work and family obligations as they can enhance their career prospects and education without having to sacrifice their jobs or personal life. Typically, all that is required to complete classes online is a computer with internet connection.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Business Communication?

Before studying business communication it obviously helps if you have a passion for language and enjoy communicating with other people. Good people skills are also a must, as is the ability to work well with others when collaborating on team projects. Strong analytical skills, good research skills and the ability to be very persuasive are also good traits to have if you are interested in this field.

What Type of Career Options Might Be Available TO Students With A Business Communication Degree?

Good communication skills are essential in a lot of careers, especially those in the business world. The combination of business and communication skills can help to prepare students for a variety of career paths. Some go on to become communication managers, while others opt for careers as technical writers or even public relations specialists. Business fields that benefit from this type of degree include organizational training and development, advertising, public relations, human resources, marketing, and a range of others. On the other hand, public relations specialists earn about $58,020 per year with the government paying the highest salaries.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn When Working In A Field Related To Business Communication?

Since there are a number of fields where people with a business communication degree can find employment the amount of money you can potentially earn will depend on a number of factors. The most important is the type of work you end up doing, while the type of employer and geographical location also plays a role. For example, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, technical writers earned a median pay of $72,850 per year in 2019, with those in industries such as professional, scientific and technical services earning the most.

What Are The Other Advantages To Studying For A Business Communication Degree?

Although a business communication degree can be a huge advantage for working in the business world, the communication skills that you learn are applicable just about anywhere. Thanks to the internet, many organizations also now have a global reach, which requires the assistance of experts in the field of communication to interact with larger audiences than ever before. Communication is also essential for effective management, so if you ever want to be in charge of a team of people then you are going to need the skills you hone with this type of degree. Amongst the many other advantages of obtaining this degree is the fact that it can help you to be more articulate, resolve conflict, gain confidence, and become an asset to any employer. It can also improve your public speaking skills and ensure that you are able to compose effective communications using whatever methods are at your disposal. So, if you want a range of employment options as well as options in different industry sectors when it comes to employment, a business communication degree is a good choice.

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