Putting Theory into Practice with Applied Management Degrees

Top, qualified managers are always a sought-after breed, so earning an Applied Management degree will help ensure you stand out from the competition. Traditionally an applied management curriculum will incorporate elements of statistics, management theory and practices, communication methods as well as financial accounting. An Applied Management degree will also give an overview of the day-to-day challenges and procedures faced by today's managers.

Through a variety of courses, applied management students will learn about conflict resolution, strategic decision making, quality assurance, research methods and technical service management. Marketing, accounting, communication, business law and human resource management are also studied to ensure a solid background in how businesses operate. All industries require talented managers to run their businesses, making sure costs stay low and profits high.

Usually, already working mature people apply to management degree programs, so many of these programs are offered online, which is easier to complete for people with busy schedules. Campus-based programs are also available for those seeking a traditional educational environment. Either way, earning a management degree allows a candidate to advance in his or her career.

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Applied Management Degree Information

People seeking to advance in their organizations, moving up the managerial ladder, choose to further their education by getting a bachelor’s degree in applied management. Many bachelor degree programs require the prospective student to have some education and work-related background, such as an associate’s degree or a number of years of employment. Getting a fully-rounded education focused specifically on management and business operations allows working students to expand their knowledge base and enhance their business skills.

Applied management degrees are usually bachelor’s degrees. Master’s degree management programs are available, but many graduate students prefer to get a master’s in business administration or MBA instead. At the bachelor’s degree level, the course of study emphasizes management techniques, strategies, finance, business law, accounting, and international business operations. Managerial positions require leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills; management degree programs develop these skills through a variety of courses. Since all industries require managers, many students also focus on the technology that drives the industry they’re interested in. For instance, an individual works at a software development company. Wishing to advance further in his career, this individual works towards a bachelor’s in applied management, but also studies information technology with its components of hardware, software, electronics, internet, semiconductors, and so on.

Online Applied Management Curriculum

Management students will take a variety of business-related courses. Business communication, communication for management, corporate finance, accounting, business law, ethics, organizational behavior, human resource management, and business policy and strategy are all courses offered by management degree programs. Many online courses in this field provide you with the assistance of full-time faculty members as well as adjunct instructors to ensure you receive a quality education. Online classes are ideal for people who want the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere without skimping on quality. When completing a BS in Applied Management degree online you can typically choose between different emphasis areas, such as Entrepreneurial Management or Finance.


Associate degree programs in this field are typically aimed at students with basic occupation training. These can be gained from technical institutes, community colleges, or even military service schools. Obtaining an associate degree in this field, which will typically be either an Associate of Applied Science of Associate of Science, is a two-year process. Topics often covered include marketing decisions, human resources, management theory, and business in society.


Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in applied management allows the graduate to apply for entry to mid-level managerial positions. Students gain not only knowledge of business operations and human management, but they will also develop the skills they need to perform the tricky tasks of business management. Students will study organizational supervision, project and team management, business accounting and finance, and business operations. Applied management programs focus on teaching management skills, management ethics, and basic business operations. With a bachelor’s degree, people are then ready to pursue careers in any field that requires managers, including food management, health care, hospitality, accounting, and technology.


Expect to take many business courses since the objective is to provide the students with solid training in business operations. Courses such as the following will prepare the student to advance his career:

· Finance

· Marketing

· Management

· Small business management

· Supervisory principles

· Public relations

· Business ethics

· Legal environment for business

· Human relations management

· Workplace continuity and contingency planning

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes a huge list of management occupations, including marketing managers, sales managers, administrative managers, information systems managers, financial managers, purchasing managers, human resources managers, construction managers, architectural and engineering managers, food service managers, lodging managers and natural sciences managers to name just a few. Obviously, all businesses, nonprofits, education both primary and secondary and government agencies all need people trained in management to help the organization run efficiently. The career opportunities are many and varied for talented managers with a thorough background in business operations. While top positions are open to only a few, the many levels of management running up the organization’s hierarchy are open to many more.

Earning Potential

With most managing positions growing by 17 percent, according to the BLS, the earning potential for managers in any field are excellent. The median salary for construction managers, for example, was $87,400 in 2015. For architectural and engineering managers, the median salary was $132,88 per year, in 2015. Although there may be wide variations in basic pay scales for managers in various fields, managers earn a good salary with just a bachelor’s degree and work experience.Applied Management Degree FAQ

What types of jobs can I expect with an applied management degree?

Many managers work long hours overseeing every aspect of a business. While most work in offices, others, such as construction managers may work on a construction site. Managers are expected to devise strategies and policies to ensure their organization reaches its goals. Managers plan, direct, coordinate and supervise all business operations. This is exacting and often challenging work, but many managers thrive on such challenges.

How long does it take to earn an applied management degree?

Most bachelor degree programs take four years to complete. Since many applied management degree programs are offered online, the time to completion of the program will vary by the individual. This is due to the fact that online students can choose to either take courses year round to accelerate the process or take semesters off if and when needed. Some online institutions give students up to eight years to complete a program.

Where are the highest paying management jobs?

People managing companies and enterprises make more than those managing primary schools. A sales manager earns a higher salary on average than managers employed in emergency management. Architectural and Engineering Managers make more than any other category, especially those in food services. Salaries for managers will vary by industry and location, but most will earn a six-figure salary after a few years working in the field. The states that pay the highest salaries to managers are New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median annual wage of $98,560 in 2015 for management occupations, was one of the highest of all the major occupational groups.

What Other Advantages Are There To Studying Applied Management?

The biggest advantage of studying in this field is the fact that it helps to prepare you for leadership positions, which is useful for any type of job. Other essential business skills that you can hone with this degree include accounting and economics. You’ll also gain a better understanding of common technologies found in work environments and improve your decision-making skills.

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