The Practical Applications of Studying Human Populations: Applied Demography

Do you enjoy working with data and statistics? Would you like to turn this passion into a career where your contributions can have a fundamental impact? This can be possible by completing a degree in applied demography, where you are taught how applied demographic analysis can be the guiding force behind the decision making processes in numerous industries. It is a career path where your love for statistics can be applied to populations and in turn the central aspects of society, such as business, health care, education and housing. The skills and knowledge that can be gained from an applied demography degree can assist you with not only implementing appropriate methods for demographic analysis, but also interpreting the results and using your research to inform policy.

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Applied Demography Degree Information

Master of Professional Studies in Applied Demography

The Master of Professional Studies in Applied Demography is a degree program consisting of 30 credits. It features prescribed courses such as Principles of Demography, Demographic Techniques, Data, GIS, and Applied Demography, Applications in Applied Demography as well as a Capstone Project. Elective courses may range from Business Demography and Public Sector Demography to Spatial Demography and Applied Demography and Health. External electives, such as Planning GIS for Emergency Management, Health Care Marketing, Regression Methods, Policy Analysis and Planning, and Population, Land Use, and Municipal Finance may also be required. Prerequisites for this type of degree is typically a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited United States institution. This type of degree program can usually be completed in one calendar year.

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Demography

Students with a master’s degree in applied demography or similar field, who would like to engage in advanced study and research in this field, can also opt for a Ph.D. program. This type of degree typically requires the completion of 42 hours of organized coursework along with at least 12 hours of dissertation credits. Core courses may include General Research Methods for Demographers, Statistics for Demographic Data, Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis, GIS for Population Science and Spatial Demography. Advanced courses can range from Disparities in Health and Health Care, Applied Demography in Public Health and Demographic Perspectives on Poverty to Survey Methods for Demographers, Applied Demography in Education, and Family Demography. Completing and defending an original dissertation is usually also a requirement for this type of degree.

Certificate Program in Demography

Demography is also available as a certificate program that consists of 12 to 15 credits, depending on the institution. The certificate program is available in an online format and aimed at working professionals who would like to improve their demographic analysis skills in order to improve their career prospects. It is especially useful for individuals working as local, state, and regional planners, marketing specialists or market research analysts. Require courses may include Demographic Methods, Applications in Demography, Principles of Demography as well as Applied Demography, Data and GIS.

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Applied Demography Degree FAQ

Can This Type of Degree Be Obtained Online?

Applied demography is available as an online only program, typically at a master’s level. Online programs have the added benefit of more flexibility compared to traditional classroom based classes. This makes an online applied demography degree program more accessible to students who are unable to attend a campus based class due to work or family obligations. All that is needed to study online is a computer or laptop with a broadband internet connection and a browser. Earning this type of degree online is ideal for students who want to enhance their career prospects without quitting their current jobs. An online degree in applied demography can also be invaluable for people serving in the military who are unable to further their education through traditional means. An online degree not only makes it more convenient to study at times and locations that are most convenient for you, but it is often also the most affordable option.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate To Study Applied Demography Online?

Applied demography is a good degree program to pursue if you enjoy working with numbers as well as statistical software. Typical applicants are interested in careers in the public or private sectors that deal with research or which are data-intensive. In addition to good research skills and being comfortable working with statistical software, you should also be good at mathematics if you want to excel in this field. Most of the jobs in this skill also require you to have excellent communication skills.

What Type of Career Options Might Be Available With A Degree In Applied Demography?

Studying applied demography can equip you with a number of valuable skills that can be useful for numerous career paths. Analyst typically go on to find employment across the federal government and numerous posts are also filled at a state and local level. In addition, there are a number of government positions that deal with education, health and economic issues, which requires demographics for evidence-based decision making. It is also possible for people with applied demography degrees to find employment in the private industry. Demographic data analysis is important to a number of industries as it can influence their marketing based on trends.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn With This Type of Degree?

An applied demography degree can provide you with skills that are useful in a number of different industries, so your potential income will depend largely on the type of career path that you choose. For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median wage for survey researchers is about $54,470 annually. This figure can be less than $25,680 for the lowest ten percent, while the highest ten percent earned in excess of $100,250. On the other hand, market research analysts have salaries as low as $33,950 and higher than $121,720 annually, with the median wage being $62,560. Becoming a sociologists is also an option, where the median annual wage is about $79,750 and can exceed $146,860 depending on the industry where you are employed.

What Are The Other Advantages of Studying Applied Demography

An applied demography degree can equip you with a number of very important skills as well as the knowledge required to do well in numerous career paths. It is a great career choice if you are interested in becoming a sociologists, social scientist or even any type of managerial position.

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